What funniest slip of the tounge thing you have ever said to your SO?

…that maybe they didnt find so funny. I’ll start with mine.

I was watching a movie (dont even remember which one) with my GF at the time when she said, “Damn I wish I looked like (insert beutiful actress here).” With even THINKING, or missing a beat, I said enthusiasticly, “Yeah, me too!”

BAM!! Hard elbow to the ribs… ouch!

That is also about the most insensitive thing I have ever said. L But I didnt MEAN too… :slight_smile:

I dunno if it was a slip of the tongue, but it was definitely a case of brainlock with me. I was sitting in bed watching TV with a girlfriend and the movie had some chesty girls in it. For some reason she asked me how big busted my last girlfriend was and without thinking, I replied 44-D.

Now, she, the current girl of the time, was something like a 36, smaller all around than that last girlfriend. In the abrupt silence, I looked over to see her looking down at herself with shocked eyes, whereupon she looked back up at me, covered her knockers with her arms and declared that I was not going to see them again and asked me if the previous girl had been related to a cow.

Damn! It took a lot of talking that night to be able to see them again! Never, ever, ever let your guard down with a girl you’re interested in until you get married! A slip of the lip can get you into a platonic relationship for weeks if you’re not careful.

I was waking up in a panic when she shook me and said “You were shouting Ronny, Ronny, in your sleep. Is your boss giving you a hard time again?” Without thinking I told her I was dreaming (innocently) of the secretary, Veronica. Our first BIG blowup, and it wasn’t anything Real at all.