What Game Are These Funky Dice From?

White cubes with red letters. One seems to be geometric shapes in Spanish. The faces are inscribed-


The other is a complete mystery. It is inscribed with-

dort (umlaut over the o)
uc (umlaut over the u, strange mark like tiny backwards c under the c)
bes (mark like tiny, backwards c under the s)

Any ideas as to what this stuff means or where it came from?

The bottom words are Turkish numbers:

1 bir
2 iki
3 üç
4 dört
5 beş
6 altı

I can’t help you with the game, though.

Turkish? Wow! Thanks.

You only said five shape-words for the first die… Is one repeated, or did you miss one?

Rombo appears on two faces.

You could also ask this guy:


Ya know, I have a hundred or so different types of dice (or should that be “dies”?), so I thought it would be cool to check out that dicecollector.com site… I was wrong. Did that win some award for worst site design/content, or haven’t they handed out that award yet?

The guy does have a huge collection of dice (more than 29,000! yikes!) but his website looks like every design decision was made with a die roll of some kind.

OP: I hope you can find what game those came from. I know that my dice from Cosmic Wimpout or High Roller would prolly be a mystery to most people if they just found them without the rules.

Can’t help identify the dice, I’m afraid, but for future reference, that mark is called a Cedilla.

And, yipes, Bo is right, that Dice Collector site is really badly designed.

Looks like an early 90s site, except all javascripted up.