What game ratings have been the most incorrect?

Sister thread to the one in Cafe Society, what game do you think got a rating it shouldn’t have gotten?

Mine is really minor, but I don’t think Super Smash Bros (at least Melee and Up, don’t remember what the N64 version had) should have gotten a T. Brawl an E10+ maybe.

I mean, I applaud them marking it up for violence, if you look at the MPAA you can practically beat people to a pulp and get a G if there’s no cursing or nudity (seriously, Lion King a G? PG at least, PG13 is stretching it of course). But Super Smash Bros is just… not bad. Maybe an ESRB rater shed a tear when Pikachu got hit by a sword, but the most graphic part of the game is when characters flinch, and when they get hit sometimes sparks fly out, I don’t know if they have terrible TVs there and they thought it was blood or what, but SSBB/SSBM? E/E10+ in my book.

I also think the Fallout 3 thing in Australia is silly, but I’ve always thought banning the sale of a game in a country is silly (seriously, I don’t think even Germany does that, they just make it unable to be advertised AFAIK).