What gas is fart?

What kind of gas does fart made of? is it flamable?

The Master speaks.

The joys of “fart lighting”.

It’s the methane that gives the flame.

I want to thank scr4 for reprising one of Unca Cec’s better columns. I think will change my name to Cheerful Calliope.

Here is a flamer in action.

The high-pitched squeakers are helium. The rest are methane. Depends on what you eat, really.


I always thought it was methane. Learn something new every day.

Of course, if you really must know, ignite one and perform a spectrography study of the light given off to find the components by its signature spectrum. Or, collect the gas and run it through a gas chromatograph to find the components. Have fun…it’s agas! Hmm…just for kicks, maybe one could eat different foods (beans, tacos, brocolli, brussel sprouts, cabbage, various beers, etc.) and study the different resultant signature spectrums :smiley:

Sounds like a great science project!

  • Jinx

I heard a funny story on the news a few years ago about a passenger plane carrying a bunch of pigs (livestock) in the cargo area. The pigs kept farting and the methane gas produced upset the plane’s environmental control so much that they had to make an emergency landing! :smiley:


my second time posting this tidbit today:

Visit http://bored.com and scroll down to Facts on Farts.
It should explain a great deal. :wink:

Farts are a great many gases. Depending on how you eat and what you eat, ya got methane, nitrogen, and a bunch of oxides and sulfides in various proportions. The really awful smell that comes after you eat (and yes I have done this to win a dollar or something… maybe it was a cookie. I forget) 32 ounces of baked beans, four hard boiled eggs, and one cup of chili (my recipe) is mostly sulfur-containing gases. I had to spend the next two days hiking. Alone.