Help. [Locating a thread about farts]

About a year ago, I discovered a thread on this message board about what foods cause the most foul farts. I remember it bringing out my inner child and me laughing my ass off. I can’t find it anymore, no matter how hard I search. Can someone please link me to it? I remember it being rather old. Thanks.

I found a few doing a Google search. I don’t know if any of them are what you’re looking for.

Also, reported for a move to About This Message Board.

I remember it saying something like, “Jesus Christ nailed to a dildo, this is hilarious!”

Moved to ATMB, and title edited to indicate subject.

Jesus Christ nailed to a vibrator, you people crack me up.

It’s official. The dope has jumped the shark.

And, apparently, landed on a dildo.

Completely by accident, I swear!

“What are the odds, Doc?”