What causes you to emit the most foul and disgusting gas from your colon?

For me, it’s this soup called borscht. It’s a medley of gas inducing vegetables. I can clear out whole buildings if I eat it for lunch.

There is nothing like a Homebrew Fart.

Never had an issue with borscht, but White Castle hamburgers will do the trick. Or anything with a lot of onions. Beans do the trick, too.

Sugar free gum (like trident). The problem is that I’ll chew a whole pack in an afternoon and then the sugar substitute will create a massive amount of gas from the deepest darkest parts of the bowel.

Sugar free candy can also have the same impact (if I cannot restrain myself from eating a bunch in one sitting).

Anything with Lipton onion soup mix or equivalent. My flatulence the next day is beyond normal human comprehension. Maybe H.P. Lovecraft could begin to describe the smell, at least the small part that exists partially in our dimension

I couldn’t help but notice that this similar thread from 2001 has been resurrected. For some reason:

I used to make lasagna, accompanied by bread. The bread was special: a French loaf with a slice of swiss cheese between each slice of bread, and a mix of butter, poppy seeds, and dried onions drizzled on top. A lot of that mix on top. I don’t think the lasagna was much of an issue, but that bread was fuel for devastation. Pretty sure the dried onions were the responsible component.

Poppy seeds give me the shits.

I can’t believe I’m voluntarily answering this question. lol But mine is rather unusual, so thought I’d toss it in. Root beer. The artisan stuff is the worst.

Broccoli and cabbage.

Really? Root beer? That sounds very odd.

Winner with the first post. I’ve seen friends clear a windy Las Vegas intersection with homebrew farts. It’s not just the CO2 - it’s the yeast breaking down stuff that would ordinarily exit in solid form.

I get the most bang for my buck with Brassica (broccoli, cabbage, rutabaga, etc.) mixed with Allium (onion, garlic, leek, etc.). Cole slaw is always a popular choice.

He has a rooty tooty booty.

Sorry. She has a rooty tooty booty.

For me, it’s un(der)cooked jalapeno peppers. Within an hour of eating them, I’ll be passing jalapeno-scented gas.


Two words: protein farts. Absolutely lethal. When I’m on a cutting diet and the majority of my calories are from protein I can unfortunately clear out the room.

Add Selenium or Tellurium for extra pungency.

Reptile meat is a whole new world of gas for me. Fortunately it’s very easy to simply never have it. But damn, it’s just epic disaster for days afterward.

I have no gall bladder, and a bum liver. Any type of fried food will have me clearing rooms a few hours after ingestion.

I have a weird one. Malaria medication. I took malarone (atovaquone and proguanil) when I vacationed in Africa. When I started taking it, I had the most incredibly flatulence – both in quality and quality. Unfortunately, these symptoms struck when I was on the plane to South Africa, and there wasn’t any “away” I could go to avoid upsetting everyone else.

Fortunately, my sister was sitting next to me, and had the same problem. But I’m sure everyone for several seats around us was unhappy.