The worst farts come from.....

After having the traditional southern new year’s dish of ham and blackeyed peas, I have been a methane machine. Blackeyed peas are tasty; they are good for you; but they create the nastiest farts. In smell and volume of gas. Refried beans, much lampooned, aren’t that bad for me. Beer is good for gas volume, but it is just passed air, thus have little odor. What other foods, drinks, or combinations create big farts.

French Onion Soup


Overindulgence in cheap beer (Blatz is worst)


I’m telling you that thing had a problem.

…the soul.

No, no, no… Indian food, especially if you eat a lot of dal makhni and mint curry

Michelob Amber Bock. It’s like fart concentrate.

Ask my dogs, they seem to hold the secret to the most vile smelling farts ever!

Corned beef, cabbage and beer! Years ago, I worked as a clerk in a hardware store, and bunches of our regular customers had gone to a local bar for an “all you can eat” St. Patrick’s day dinner. The next day, they were puffing all over the place. All day long. It was indescribable whenever I had a line of them waiting to buy their stuff.:eek:

Beer, pickled eggs, kimchee, and hot wings. All at the same time. The next day, get under the false floor in the workspace and let them to flow out with the forced air system.

Your tax dollars at work, ladies and gentlemen. Made me proud to work with my fellow sailors. Brought a tear to my eye, even. Hope I never have to work with those bastards again :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, in this thread
The culprit was Krystal Hamburgers, Frito brand corn chips with Frito brand bean dip. I think that is sufficiant information for now.

Foods that start with B:

Boiled Eggs

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

ANY fart will transform into the “peel the wallpaper and make your eyes water” variety if um…distilled.

To distill a fart, simply decide you want to take a hot bath, then let loose. Bubbling up through the hot water mutates the most innocuous fart into something evil.

Not that I’m admitting to personal experience or anything. :smiley:


I’m not batheing with Fenris!!! Nasty!

FYI: do NOT stand down-wind of me after I’ve eaten Burger King onion rings! I dunno why, but those make me into a human nuclear calamity…

Beer and boiled Rock Eel: or so I’m told.

When I lived in Humboldt County, CA, my best-friend/wrestling teammate in college told me about one of his high school teammates, a big honkin’ Native American (Yurok, IIRC). I knew the guy only indirectly. The guy used to eat a lot of boiled Rock Eel. Occasionally in practice after he’d drunk a little too much beer with his Rock Eel (he reportedly skipped out of school at times, making it back to school only for wrestling practice), his favorite move was to work a leghold–a “Figure-Four”–around a teammate’s head and then cut loose a huge, vile fart in the victim’s face. A lot of kicking and screaming ensued, and when an underclassman got nailed, some crying, too. It got to the point that when he’d simply try throwing a Figure-Four on one of the veterans, they’d scream like air-raid sirens.

My buddy said this beer-and-boiled-rock-eel produced the most incredibly evil farts ever, and trapped in a van with a bunch of other jocks in college, he claimed nothing we produced ever matched that. Having almost died from asphyxiation thanks to my college teammates, I never tried to invalidate my friend’s claim about his high school buddy. The stuff had to be nuclear.

Homemade chili in my mom’s Golden Retriever.

The poor dog seemed absolutely bewildered over the “purcussiveness” of her bowel movements. The sound scared her around the yard; she pooped in a kind of figure-eight.

My girlfriend and I were stunned at the aroma around the house. We were wretching.

My mom was just pissed.

One Morning long long ago in a dirty Motel room far far away; i awoke.

There was nothing to eat so i polished off the quarter pint of Rum i had left over from the night before, the crumbs in the bottom of various chip bags and the last few Skittles i had been using as chaser. Soon others awoke and we moved on to a large egg breakfast and i had a couple Morning Beer (just as a little Hair of the Dog you understand, i’m really not as alcaholic as i sound)

To this day i’ve no idea what exactly took place in me later that afternoon. All i know is i’ve never wished so much that i wasn’t attached to my own ass.

(it cleared up after a couple days or so…)

LMAO That was funny!

Love ya pop

Foster’s. It’s Australian for fart.

Dried apricots make me lethal.