What google ads will appear below this post?

prison pork pez candy headache

Nothing but “criminal records searches.”

pez candy pez candy pez candy pez candy pez candy pez candy

I got " Anxiety Information
Learn about Anxiety, including
symptoms and treatment options."

Pizza pizza pizza pizza. Pepperoni mushroom sausage.

Wow. How did that bring out “Fighting Poverty” “Find Development Jobs” “Sierrs Leone Ringtone” and “God’s love transforms” ads?

You’s guys are silly.


“Find the right attorney”. Presumably that’s because of “prison” and not “headache” :slight_smile:

“NEXT GENERATION” GRAVITY BINS: made of polycarbonate, a fully recyclable non-porous plastic, which does not crack.

Very useful - but not so convenient since the manufacturer is in the US.

Apparently we broke it- I have a “page not found” error.

Not so- I see an ad for “Disney family vacations”

vomit pooper scooper erectile dysfunction democrats

That gets us to “Services for the homeless.”

The Next Generation Gravity Bin.

It’s bulletproof.

erudite pumpkin crow leprechaun nose plumber asphalt

Tips for a great holiday indeed.

Looks cool…I hate seeing people store coffee in those things though…Coffee goes stale fast enough without that.

I got:
Candy Bin - “the ultimate bulk food dispenser”
Pez Espada Torremolinos - a hotel in Spain
Criminal Record Search…

I’m getting “Find the Right Attorney.”

JACKPOT! Finally

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