What happened to Arnold Winkelried

I tried in vain to do a search and I couldn’t find a thread. I also scanned the sticky in MPSIMS. So sorry if this has been covered, but is there any info as to why he’s no longer posting?

He’s spending time with family and job. Last I heard from him (a couple months ago), all was well.

Good to know. His last post gave no indication it would be his last.


Can he do that? This is the SDMB!


Unrelated to the OP but I must commend you on your Zombie user name. I think it is the best one I have seen. :cool:

What Zombie user name?


Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in!

Sorry, I thought “zombie” was the term for the modified user names that have temporarily proliferated during the Halloween period. :smack:

There has been no such proliferation.

Everything is fine. No issues at all. Let’s not spread rumors, which is counter-productive. No panic - keep a tight grip on the reins.

Reins. Reins.



I don’t see why Shodan needed his name changed. I’ve played System Shock, SHODAN is scary enough…

Nope, everything is normal here. Well, as normal as it ever gets…

I don’t understand the panic in New Jersey.
It has to be just another of those silly radio hoaxes.

But mine’s second best, right? Right?

Yours is my favorite, if that helps :slight_smile:

It do! It do!

I love yours too.

I hope they compile a list of who was who, for the not so obvious ones.

Noodles has had family matters that has kept him out of the country. I’ll inquire, been a while since I said hi to him anyway.

Tell Noodles that absolutely no family matters could possibly matter more than updating my photos.

Hah! My halloween name doesn’t get switched back!



Hey, it’s gone! Booooo!