What happened to Clone High?

Not sure how many of you are familiar with this TV show that was aired on MTV for a bit, but I was just wondering what happened to it. It got halfway through the season when MTV suddenly decided to stop showing it. Unlike all of the other trash on MTV, this was a quality TV show with an original premise and hilarious dialogue. It seems like such a shame that they stopped airing it. Does anyone know if they plan to pick the show back up at all? Or even if they’re considering doing a second season?

For anyone who wants to know more about the show, here’s a site for it. No cartoon besides Invader Zim has made me laugh as much as Clone High did.

I enjoyed the show, too–I was really rooting for Abe Lincoln to get to first base with Joan of Arc.

I believe there were quite a few protests to the Gandhi character that led to it being shut down.

It actually got through one full season before they cancelled it. Probably not a chance of it coming back because most of the crew has gone on to bigger and better things.

I loved that show too, esspecialy JFK.

Incidentally, I do a great Clone High JFK impression. :smiley:
Is the Gandhi rumour true? I’m surprised I hadn’t heard of that.

Eve, were you able to watch the whole season? I know they stopped airing around episode 6-7, but they aired the whole season in Canada. If you feel like it, you can get the whole season. Would be a shame for a fan to have no seen all the episodes.

You can download all 13 episodes on KaZaa or something similar.

They’re still showing it in Canada. Not new stuff, just the first season over and over and over. Did you really not get the full run down there?

The Gandhi thing blew over quickly. It was only really an issue in India, the show wasn’t canceled because of it. It just didn’t get good enough ratings to be renewed for a second season.

Too bad, it was a really original idea that had potential…

I know the show made Gandhi’s parents Jewish, with Gandhi being raised as a Jew, so that may have pissed off some people. Odd that it didn’t have good enough ratings because all of my friends watched the show. Too bad none of my friends are Neilson families.

Oh, God, I can’t remember at this point how many episiodes I saw . . . MTV kept preempting it, I remember, before it faded away.

There are thirteen episodes. Official episode guide here.