What happened to CornQuistos?

Why did they stop making CornQuistos? For those who don’t remember, they were little tubes of crunchy cornmeal, filled with tomato-based sauce-- like Combos, except that Combos use a wheat crust and slightly less volatile fillings. Come to think of it, I haven’t seen Combos on the shelf in months. Are they still making them?

I was going to try to post this question on the Dead Foods Board–go there and you’ll see why I didn’t.

Sorry I can’t help you, dude. Never even heard of them until five seconds ago.

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Re: your OP. Why don’t you e-mail the company? My WAG: either your store/area doesn’t carry the product anymore, or the company has stopped producing it because the stuff wasn’t popular enough.

I can’t remember who made them. One of the big snack companies, but which one? They were introduced in the late 70’s and disappeared…when? Not sure…

I’ve never heard of them either.

You might try checking out http://www.hometownfavorites.com. They specialize in finding food and drink from long ago (or far away) and shipping them to people who miss them. If they don’t currently have an item on the site, I think they have an area where you can ask them to search for it.

I’m planning on scoring major points this Mother’s Day by getting some Nut Goodies for my mid-westerner transplanted to NC mother-in-law.
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I vaguely remember that General Foods might have distributed them. I thought they were nationally distributed, but maybe they were a local tryout.

I had forgotten to check that site; thanks for reminding me. They don’t seem to be there, though.

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Back to corn chips …

I actually have a related question, which I debated putting under a seperate thread, and decided not to.

Granny Goose (an Oakland, CA based potato chip manufacturer) is dead. They used to make something they called “Native American” style corn chips. These things were much, much thicker, and, IMO, tastier than other frito-like creations. Even when Granny Goose was in existence they were hard to find. They came in a silver bag with an indian on it. Can anybody suggest anything similar?

What a bummer. Whenever I went on my jaunts to California, I’d grab myself a bag of their chips on the day of arrival(didn’t they use to have something Hawaiian-style??) and savour each and every piece. I think they used some kind of kettle-cooking method when this practice was far from generalized (some 10-15 years ago); we didn’t have anything equivalent back East then, where chips were ‘drier’ (i.e. less greasy) and uniformly golden (i.e. pretty much bland). Oh well, another institution gone the way of the dinosaurs.

I wondered after I stopped seeing Granny Goose chips in the local supermarkets:


The company’s brands already have been sold, with the Padrino’s brand of tortilla chips going to Grande Foods of Southern California, and the Granny Goose brands going to Oregon-based Snack Alliance, which is dually owned by Oregon-based Snak Corp. and City of Industry-based Snack King.

All of the company’s brands will continue to appear in stores, although only Grande Foods will produce using former Granny Goose facilities.

Well, I haven’t seen 'em recently. Any of them, much less any of the rarely seen “Native American” corn chips (you did used to see them fairly often in single-serving packages in deli’s and so on, but very rarely in bigger bags).

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Granny Goose chips are still around in the Bay Area. I’m just a stone’s throw from Oakland and the former plant. Have relatives that lost their jobs. I thought about that myself as I was popping open a bag of BBQ the other day. IMHO, Lays were always better.

Combos are still alive and well around here (here being Michigan). They’re great when you want a filling snack.

Thanks, everybody. I’ll bump this up the line hoping to find somebody else who remembers them, before submitting the question to Cecil, himself- it really puzzles me that they are no longer manufactured; they were a really great snack!

The poor Cornquistodores drown after bieng sunk off the Spanish maine by Drake.

I remember those. They tasted mediocre, and were not helped by their vague resemblence to dog doo. The ad was conquistadors coming to conquer America for Corn Quistos - very weird, at age 8. I haven’t seen them in, oh, ten years or so. Try the Deep Midwest, the South, or the East Coast. I can vouch for TX/OK and the West Coast as Quisto free zones.

Well, to each his own- I thought they were delicious. If nobody else did, that could explain why they were deep-sixed.

I came here looking for what happened to Corn Quistos. Ole! Haha. I used to always get them on Southwestern road trips. Combos are good, but I always like Corn Quistos better. People have been searching them on Amazon Fresh, the term auto-populates in their search. But they don’t have them. Wikipedia says that they “were” a M&M/Mars product–past-tense. Bummer.