What happened To Irq'a OSIRAK Nuclear reactor?

The one destroyed by the Israeli air raid? I understand that the Iraqis had planned to make plutonium with it, with the objective of making nuclear bombs. Of course, the Isralis put an end to this…but was the attempt made to rebuild the reactor? And, I believe that the French had built the reactor-were they ever paid for this? What happened to the fuel rods from this reactor-were they ever accounted for?
Finally, besides flying in low and radio silence, exactly how doid the israelis pull off the raid-did they jam the Iraqi air-defense radar?

Really good explanation to your questions…and stick with it as it even helps answer your last one:

That link doesn’t seem to be working this moment so, going form memory:

At one point the air group was challenged by an arab air defense traffic controller. One of the Israelis (the commander I think) spoke fluent arabic and he conned the guy into letting them pass.

Also, I think the Israeli astronaut who was killed on Columbia last year was one of the pilots in the Osiraq attack.

Those damn Israelis. Always destroying good things.

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