What happened to my CDR disk?

I saved a BUNCH of pictures and junk from my last overseas deployment to a CD to bring home… then made a second copy in case that one got screwed up. Now I can’t access either of them! In My Computer my CDRW drive shows (with the disk in) :

Total size:“0 bytes”
Total space: “0 bytes”
Comments: “contains digital photos, images, and graphic files.”

I right clicked the drive, then hit “Properties” It shows the disk as full and the file system is “RAW”.

Anybody know what gives?

Sounds like you didn’t actually burn anything onto the cd. the 0 bytes for total free space is normally 0, however total size should be the amount of data actually on the disk.

Well most likely either -

1: You used the “test burn” option and thought you were doing the actual burn, but didn’t. If this is the case you are SOL.

2: You did burn the photos and not “close” the CD properly. PUt the disc in a CDRW drive ad start up a burning program (preferably the same one you used originally) and see if the burning program can “see” the burned CDR data on the open CD and then use the close CD option.

3: You are trying to view the CDR data on a relatively old CD drive that does not like the flavor of the CDR you are using, or your CDRW drive might be having problems. Try a more modern PC with a fairly new CDRW drive and see if the data appears.

Yeah, sounds like you didnt close the disk. Open it with the program you wrote it with & with the computer/writer you used too, if possible.