what happened to my task manager? MS2000 professional

My task manager used to have three different tabs that allowed me to end individual tasks, see what was running in the background of my computer, and check CPU usage. A very handy tool, especially if my system became infected with a virus.

Not too long ago, I went to the Microsoft site to download some security patches and Windows 2K updates. Now, my task manager only shows the tasks running. So instead of showing how many explorer pages I have open, I now only see one IE task running. If I have to kill it, all IE windows shut down. The old task manager would show each iexplorer.exe process separately, with CPU usage, and I could kill that window without shutting down every other explorer window.

I now cannot see what .exe files are running in the background, nor do I have any ability to kill anything I don’t want to be running.

Is there anyway to get my old task manager back, and/or is there another way of finding what’s running in the background?

I hope this is clear enough. Is there anyone out there that knows what I’m asking? I have lost an important tool that has helped me keep my system running smoothly.


If it’s the problem I think it is, double-click the border of the task manager window and things should go back to normal.


I love this place. Thank you!

Can you tell me what happened, and how you knew this problem and its solution?

Sounds like the exact problem I’ve had for about three years…thanks, Canadjun! And BTW OP if you’re wondering, as I was, how it got like that, just double-click again!

OMG! does the Snoopy dance I thought I somehow fuxxored my puter. Me so happy right now!

I have to be honest - this was brought up some time ago on SDMB and I just happened to remember the solution; I’m not really a computer guru.:slight_smile: