What happened to 'Root Beer' on "Bleep My Dad Says..."?

We watch the show “Bleep my Dad Says…” and a few episodes ago, they had a plotline about ‘Root Beer’ Bonnie and Vince’s dog bonding with Ed.

This week, they had an episode where Bonnie and Vince are trying to adopt a dog…?

Were these just shown out of sequence, or did I miss something?

I think they were probably shown out of sequence. I think the one where Ed gave them the dog was probably intended to appear earlier in the run. Don’t forget, Vince and Bonnie had sold their condo in a different episode and moved in with Ed, but in the episode in question, they were shown still living in their condo. The production code numbers would seem to bear this out. The most recent episode’s code is 2J5656, where the earlier episode’s code is 2J5658.

I was wondering that myself - but was afraid to post since I thought I was the only one watching enough to notice.

The show has actually gotten better - much less set up for one liners and more actual comedy.

Another one who noticed.
I actually stopped the DVR and said to SO, “Didn’t they have a dog in one of the first two episodes?”
Plus, I don’t think it was out of sequence - remember, that first plot line was that the dad didn’t want to go visit them despite the fact that they lived two doors down. He had no idea they had a dog and that was why he continued to go over to the house.

I noticed it too, but I was sick this weekend while catching up with my weekday shows, and thought maybe I just hadn’t been paying much attention to the series.

Second time this week we caught a show doing that. This week’s Chase was out of order as well.

I noticed it too. Henry also says he’s looking for a job, but he already had gotten one in weeks prior, so this seems to be shown out of order

I love “$h*! My Dad Says.” I just have a hard time believing I’m not the only one.

I like the show too. I am surprised at how good William Shatner is. I didn’t think he could do comedy that well. I like the whole cast but Jonathan Sadowski, needs to stop smirking before he delivers his punchlines. It kind of takes away the whole effect

Well, Shatner was in Boston Legal for many years, and his character in the show was almost solely comedic for the entire run, with a few serious turns every once in awhile.

I have to admit, I am liking this show a lot better than I thought I would.
I hope they keep the Gay guy housekeeper - he brings some great quips to the show.