What happened to 'Show video URL' on Facebook?

I used to be able to right-click on a Facebook video, and an option would be ‘Show video URL’ That doesn’t seem to be available anymore. Now, right-click starts the video. Right-clicking again gives an expanded view. Right-clicking again stops or starts the video in the expanded view.

Did something change? Is the option no longer available? Or is it just not available on a Mac?

You must be doing it wrong. I’m on a Mac (10.11.6, Browser = Brave 1.18.75).

Edited to Add (too later to edit original reply): also tried it in my 10.14.6 virtual machine where the same options appear in Safari. I have a Big Sur (10.11.1) virtual machine as well but it’s on an external HD and not quite as handy. Let me know if you’re running an OS later than 10.14 and I’ll check using the same OS you’ve running.

Safari 13.1.1

I wonder if I just happen to look for URLs that have been hidden by the poster?

FWIW: ‘right-click’ - Control + click.

I’ve never seen a right click menu on Facebook videos on my PC–only on YouTube. I’ve always used the three dots in the upper right of a post to get that dropdown menu that includes “Show video URL.” Is that menu still available to you?

It looks like this when I see it in the feed:

and like this when I see it in the video player:

Actual menu:

I don’t aee ‘Show video URL.’ qhwn I click on the ellipsis.

Hmm. I just noticed my image didn’t either. What it has is copy link, which is what I’ve always used.

What does “Show video URL” usually do if not copy the link?

It allowed me to copy the link. I don’t recall having a Copy link option for FB videos.

For example:


I am unable to find a video URL.

When I click the (…) button, I see “Copy URL” in the list, in the same place it is in the screenshot I listed above. The result is this URL:

Are you wanting something more like a .mp4 link? That doesn’t appear to be possible, since it uses a blob URL rather than a video file.

Maybe your left and right mouse primary click buttons have been switched because what you’re describing as happening now when you right click the video is exactly what should be happening when you left click it.

Go to System Preferences > Mouse > Primary mouse button and set it to left. If you’re using a MacBook or a Magic Mouse, the preferences might be different, like the setting might listed under “Secondary Click” or something like that. Either way, even if it’s already set to left, switch it right, then switch it back.

Does right clicking work correctly for other sites, like YouTube? Or even in the Finder? Because it sounds like your primary and secondary click buttons have swapped but you’re only complaining about Facebook so that’s weird. Do you have any third party mouse drivers installed?

I right-click the dot that represents “you are here” in the progress bar. Down pops a contextual menu with choices: Pause / Mute / Show video URL / Copy video URL at current time

BigT: The URL from the FB post goes (as you noted) to the FB post. What I’m looking for is the URL for the actual video. Before, I’d right-click on the video and choose Show video URL and I would get a YouTube link.

zbuzz: I use the trackpad, and I use Control for right-click. It’s working normally. For example, if I right-click (Crtl+tap) on a word on this page, I get the ‘Look up’, ‘Search’, ‘Cut’, ‘Copy’, and all of the other usual commands. It’s only on FB videos that I’ve noticed right-click no longer works.

AHunter3: When I right-click the dot on the progress bar, I get these choices: Reload Page, Save Page As…, and Print…

Can you post a link to a Facebook video that gave a YouTube link as the Show Video URL?

What happens if you use a trackpad gesture for right clicking instead of the control key? Turn gestures on in System Preferences > Trackpad > Point & Click > Secondary Click and check the box. Then use the gesture to invoke the right click instead of the control key.

No. It’s not something I attempt to do very often. This seems like a new thing for all videos. I’ll try to see what happens on my work PC on Thursday when I use the mouse.

Secondary Click was already checked. I never use that, but I’ve just tested it on this page and got the same results mentioned earlier that indicate that it is in deed the right-click function.

Here is a post in The BBQ Pit:

When I right-click (ctrl+click) on the playing video I get: Loop, Copy video URL, Copy video URL at current time, Copy embed code, Copy debug info, Troubleshoot playback issue, and Stats for nerds.

So this does appear to be a Facebook-specific issue.