What happened to the Airline Overcharge Class-Action Lawsuit

Sometime around 1994, I was solicited by a Washington D.C. law firm, to register as a plaintiff in a class-action lawsuit against all of the US carrier airlines. The gist of this was that the ailines had been fixing fares for something like 10 years, and the lawsuit was to recover the overcharges. I recall reading at the time, that this case was expected to take years to be settled. Well, I hevn’t heard a thing about this in a long time. My question: did the partners of this law firm get all of the loot? I don’t recall seeing a penny from this!

The airlines got the plantiff’s witness list and they’ve been bumping these people from their flights for the last five years.

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Gene…I work in the travel industry and my clients who are large corporations were given “credits” in the form of vouchers to be used towards air travel as part of the civil action. Many individuals not associated with corporations probably missed the boat or did not have the means to partipicate.