What happened to the blackjack thread in GQ?

Oops, I mean balckjack. I know the OP was just spamming, but there was some good discussion of blackjack rules, variations and probabilities in there. Can we bring it back with the links deleted?

I had thought that the OP’s links were deleted. And I agree that, other than the spammer’s yammering, there was some decent info there.

That said, it was pretty amusing to see somebody try to use the SDMB to get traffic to her blog only to have it proven incorrect while better information was discussed in her thread.

I don’t think the thread should be disappeared, just delinked. People provided very good information for learning about gambling strategies.

While we usually ask people to e-mail a mod with regard to a disappeared thread, I’ll make an exception in this case because we allowed it to stay up for awhile. samclem first deleted the links to the person’s blog but didn’t ban her and allowed the thread to stay up. When she made additional posts, she reposted links to her blog and started insulting other posters to boot. So I just banned her and disappeared the thread.

I don’t think the discussion would make much sense without the links, since much of it was discussing the many errors on her blog. If you want to discuss blackjack strategy, I would suggest starting a new thread in the Game Room.