What Happened To The Card Table?

I wanted to go by a card table. You know a simple table that has four legs you unfold and it sets up and you can play cards at it.

Well I went to K-Mart, Walmart, Sears, Target and JC Pennys and NO CARD TABLES.

All they could show me was a 6 foot folding banquet table. At Target the people looked at me like I was from Zargon when I asked if they carried them.

I know they exist cause I see them on Google Shopping.

All they had were these tables that weren’t temporary, they didn’t fold, and they were huge.

Did card tables go off to die somewhere and no one told me?


I got one at Target just last year. Was only $15 and is a great little table.

I’ve got two card tables, one from Wal Mart and the other from Target.

One’s even this nice wood stuff.

Were you being freaky with the sales peoples again Mark? :wink:

It’s just you or your shopping area. Card tables are not hard to find. They may be out, but that’s another story.

Maybe you should have asked for a bridge table? That’s what I’ve always heard them called, possibly because there’s a lot of bridge players in my family.

Try ordering online. I found several inexpensive places to order tables from. I know I saw card table and card table sets that were reasonable.

Are you looking for one of those plain flat ones, or those which have slots to put your chips and cards and drinks into?

Funny, we always called them bridge tables . . . even though nobody in my family plays bridge. Could it be a regional thing?

Don’t ask them where the card tables are. Ask them where the folding chairs are. Or the ready-to-assemble furniture. You’ll then stumble across them.

I’ve seen lots.

I live in Chicago, I called them “card table,” and the closest I could find was at Target and it was a six foot table that folded in the middle. We used to use those things, when I worked in a hotel and the banquet dept would use them.

The only portable tables all those stores had were TV trays. It must be a Chicago thing. I will have to order it online.

I checked where the folding chairs were. No card tables only stationary tables that had to be assembled.

I was looking for the plain old flat card table. I guess if I find one online, it’ll save me from dragging it on the subway :slight_smile:

Target has them in their cheap furniture area; usually a table and 4 chairs runs about 25-30 bucks.

I got one at Big Lots recently. They had sets with chairs or just the tables.

I’ve seen them at both Walmart and Big Lots: Walmart is as a set, though. Table and four chairs.

I looked online - they called them folding tables.

I’m in Chicago as well and I got mine at the Target on Howard up in Skokie. It was near the disassembled chairs, as **melodyharmonius **said.

If card tables go extinct, where would the kids eat at Thanksgiving?

I just bought one at Meijer, but my wife said Target has them commonly.

It was $25 and is square and quite large.

I’ve bought them at Target and Walmart also. They’re called “folding tables” around here.

Skokie is a suburban city, isn’t it? Maybe the problem is that Markxxx was looking in a Target store in Chicago. The stores in the big cities may not have some larger items that are present in the suburban stores.

We can put some newspaper on the floor…