What happened to this thread?

Wasn’t there a thread discussing a woman who was pregnant, and dating a new guy? Am I losing my mind or is it completely gone? As a sanity check I did a search on “pregnant” and couldn’t find it.

You’re not. I was looking for it in my User CP just now and couldn’t find it. I came to About this Message Board wondering if someone else was having the same issue.

These two choices might not be mutually exclusive. :smiley:

You can usually expect a thread which has disappeared to involve sockism. Not always malicious, just the usual explanation.

emailing a mod/admin is our preferred method of answering these questions.

Just to be clear about what samclem said:
From Guidelines and Etiquette on the Straight Dope Message Boards, Post #7 is How do I find out what happened to a missing thread or poster?

Ok, got it. Sorry for not following the protocol… this has just never come up in my world. Thank you, mods.