What happened to the ‘Should I contact her’ thread?

About a month ago I came across an advice thread (in IMHO I imagine) entitled ‘Should I contact her?’. It was written by a newbie Doper who had come across an ex-one-night-stand on Facebook who had a kid who could have been conceived at exactly the time when the OP and the woman got together. The thread developed over several pages of posts, with a rivetting (if somewhat questionable) story of the OP debating whether to contact the woman, then contacting her, and finally welcoming his long-lost son into his life.

The thread started somewhere in late 2013 (before Thanksgiving since I remember Thanksgiving playing a role in the story) and the last post I saw was in January. I had bookmarked page 5 of the thread,

Should I contact her? - Page 5 - Straight Dope Message Board

but now there seems to be no record of the thread. Even closed threads from banned posters are still accessible, right?, so I am curious what this means. A lot of people in the SICH thread were suspicious that the OP was a troll, but he continued to reply consistently and coherently (if not always maturely), and people came to accept his story and to be more or less sympathetic to his situation. It was an interesting tale.

So does the fact that the thread is no longer there mean that it was finally revealed to be one big trolling? Or have I just lost my SDMB search skills? I love a good yarn, and if the OP’s story is true, would like to see how it continues to unfold. If it was one big whoosh, then my hat is off to a good storyteller.

When threads disappear, they’re likely socks, and the mods move the thread to their hidden mod forum, or deleted altogether. And I’ll report this thread for a move to ATMB, where such questions go.

yeah, I thought of posting this to ATMB, but didn’t see any other ‘what happened to’ threads there, and figured since the missing thread was probably from IMHO I might as well ask here. Report away…

The reason it was hidden away was because of personal reasons. This thread too will probably be vanished in best interests of the OP of that original thread.

OK, I think I understand.

Mods, feel free to do whatever you need to with this thread. Thanks.

Considering the language used to describe the purported mother and the circumstances surrounding the creation of the alleged child, as well as the distinct possibility that, if the story is as reported, the OP will soon be knee-deep in child support and custody hearings, I think a disappearance is justified.

Several of us suggested the OP ask the mods to delete the thread as it contained a lot of personal info and (I suspect) the OP used his real first name.

Please ask a staff member in PM if you are wondering about the disappearance of a poster or thread, thank you.