What happened to yesterday's "Countdown with Keith Olbermann?"

The bridge collapsed at 6:05 pm Central Time. By then, Olbermann’s program should have been fully taped. But, appropriately, MSNBC had him anchoring the extended coverage devoted to that awful catastrophe.

So, what does the MSNBC do with the taped show?

It will be rerun on a later date. :smiley:
Seriously, it will probably be saved in the vault and listed as not aired. If a situation ever arises where they need clips from that show, they will be available. Otherwise, it will stay on file with the other episodes, both aired and unaired.

SSG Schwartz

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You’re assuming that Olbermann doesn’t do the show live. I don’t know if he does it live, or if he tapes it, say a half hour to an hour before it airs (like CNN does with Headline News on the weekend). I think, but don’t know, that he does the show live, because ISTR him dropping the planned coverage in the middle of a show to discuss breaking news. Of course, my memory could be playing tricks on me.

But in the case you mentioned, he could have been in the studio when the breaking news erupted, and made a seamless transition to it, e.g., sliding in after a commercial break. This is not intended as a slur. You could very well be right.

Olbermann did a nice smooth job of the bridge calamity with very little notice. It went down around 7:05pm New York time, so he had less than an hour to prepare.

If I’m remembering correctly, it was in the middle of the program, and not after a commercial break.

He’s a trained professional, so that’s to be expected (unlike certain other folks at a certain network that claims to offer “balanced” coverage ;)).

I don’t disagree and I am no fan of that “certain network.” but…

We could say that Dan Rather and Tom Brokaw are trained professionals who should shine when a huge story breaks with just a few facts available.

Some years back a big time, very scary emergency broke (which is all I can remember about it), and when I tuned in, Dan Rather was on CBS, looking very shaky, sweating and uncertain as he stumbled along, almost tongue-tied, stuttering through his reporting of the event.

Then I switched to NBC to find a smooth, confident Tom Brokaw, handling the telecast with unflappable aplomb. That’s when I became a Brokaw fan.

All I’m saying that we don’t always get what we expect.

Hell, I saw one of those where Walter Cronkite handled it with aplomb, giving us the facts while reassuring the country that we would survive (and yeah, it was a justifiably nervous time so that was literally in doubt), while obviously choking back tears because a man he loved and respected was dead. The man is a god, but that’s how you tell the pros from the wannabes.

I was disappointed, because frankly the bridge didn’t warrent that kind of attention: there was essentially nothing new that was reported during that hour. I could see it for 5-10 minutes at the start, an update at the half hour, but for the whole entire hour? And I wanted to hear about the hearings in DC!

I have come to love Keith O. He is the serious counterpart of Jon Stewart.

I like him too, and I’d hoped he run his regular program.

As far as the hearings are concerned (and in case you don’t know), you can catch reruns of hearings by going to…


…and then scrolling toward the bottom of the page where you see the most recent events listed, and then you can click on “ALL RECENT PROGRAMS” to access the older ones.

The entire show, from beginning to end (too much I though also), was about the bridge collapse. See transcript.

The show is taped and shown twice daily (8:00pm and 12:00 midnight, New York Time). Sometimes the second show is edited to be a bit more hardhitting than the evening broadcast.

Although Olbermann is one of my favorite broadcasters, I thought he had a few flubs and that he wasn’t too smooth for the show. That’s not a criticism because (i) it was live and (ii) it’s not the sort of reporting he usually does.*

  • Live – unless you count the “feed” from the “Harry Potter” book party he did in NYC when the book came out.

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The show is taped and shown twice daily (8:00pm and 12:00 midnight, New York Time). Sometimes the second show is edited to be a bit more hardhitting than the evening broadcast. I’m guessing they had taped that evening’s show but substituted it with an hour’s live transmission when the collapse happened.