Keith Olbermann out at MSNBC

Without any prior notice, Keith Olberman announced at the very end of his Countdown show that this was his last episode. Looking around the web a bit, it seems to have come as a complete surprise to everyone.

NBC and all it’s partner networks were sold to Comcast this week, so that may have something to do with it. He sounded burned out at the end, so he also may have just had enough.

Other reports trickling out say that MSNBC ended his contract, so he may have gotten fired. He is not an easy personality to work with by all accounts, so “suicide by management” seems like a possibility as well.

Edit: Misspelled Keith in the title

Yeah, I was watching and thought it was a joke at first. Or maybe a tease about changing the show’s name.

It looks like they’re pushing The Last Word up to take its place. I’m not sure if O’Donnel is ready for prime time. He’s a little mean and snippy. ← I’m aware of the irony.

Wow, it’s official and it’s real.

He’s out.

Works for me. I think he’s a tool.

Obligatory AP link.
Not exactly much of an explanation- “ended their contract.” I’m sure the outspoken Olbermann will announce the real reason on the Daily Kos, or it will leak some other way. I’m inclined to think Comcast just didn’t want to deal with Olbermann, he did seem from accounts to be difficult to work with. Hmm.

I really loved him on Sportcenter back in the dark ages. But then I later realized that it was just that Patrick and Olbermann had a great chemistry that brought a bit of intellectualism to the sports desk. But once they went their separate ways. Without a counterpoint they both come off as smarmy and annoying.

I like Olbermann, and hope he gets back on the air soon. He’s smart and articulate in a way we need. I’ve read some comments that suggest he could end up at HBO, but that may be wishful thinking on the part of the commenters. Obviously, nothing’s official yet. He may decide to ride off into the sunset.

Here’s his farewell. Based on the very first sentence, I get the feeling it wasn’t his idea.

He went all lefty Dennis Miller. It was embarrassing to watch, so I didn’t. And I’m a Obama-lovin’ libtard.

Cooper is reporting the fallout on CNN. The reports are too mixed right now, but speculation is it was, in fact, a result of the Comcast-NBC merger.

However, he’s not likely to get another gig based on being smart and articulate. Like it or not, his histrionic side fits in a lot better with cable news today.

Where do you suppose he’ll wind up?

If he was pushed instead of jumping, why? Ratings falling? Too much bad blood after the political contribution thing? It certainly doesn’t seem like there was much planning, however it happened.

The guy has always been about three turns too pompous for my tastes, but for better or worse, he seemed to be the face of liberal-slanted commentary for many people. I will miss his show for a week or two, until I am distracted by some other shiny object.

Monday Night Football? They gave Dennis Miller a shot, just sayin’.

It was a big surprise – there wasn’t the slightest announcement on the web until after the show.

It doesn’t make a lot of business sense: he was MSNBC’s ratings leader.

I thought that was Lockup. They certainly run enough of it. :rolleyes:

Wow. Damn. Even when I didn’t agree with the guy he was usually so articulate and well, usually logical in his own way.

I was out tonight so I checked to see if the last COUNTDOWN will be rerun tonight, but it’s Friday so there’s like ten hours of LOCKUP.

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Fox & Friends?

Same here. The guy is a major blohard, basically the left-wing version of O’Reilly - just another flaming asshole with a thin skin and huge chip on his shoulder. Not someone liberals should be looking up to.