What Happenned To Our Animal Transport Thread?

I have been looking for it, but cannot find it anymore.

Y’all know how much The Quasis love the four-footed ones, so I hope this thread didn’t get shut down, please.

Please consider every unwanted animal who is adopted/rescued/euthanized, a little guy who doesn’t even know what in the fuck he did wrong.

Transport Folks: Y’all need to check in with us or ME!

I am easily reached here on pm.

Don’t let this die here!

Dopers ROCK! And do SO MUCH GOOD.

So let’s help where we can, okay?

Here’s y’all a tune that I put on my blog to describe the happiness of adopter and adoptee once they get home and settled.

It DOES happen and we animal welfare advocates thank you VERY MUCH for helping us help them. They really don’t know what they’ve done wrong and they miss the human touch.

Thanks very much, and I’m not asking for money Mods/Admins, okay, please?

Just saying “Thanks!”


Here ya go:

Don’t worry… I am now an official member of Above & Beyond transport snf have been keeping an eye on the runs that need legs filled. If there are any that are in need you can bet I’ll be posting for help here!

If anyone is interested in seeing recent pics of Aimee, the little English Setter that started this for me, her Foster Mom sends me pics regularly:

The little Florida Setter gets her first taste of Iowa snow:

Play with meeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

And my favorite:

Scubaqueen checking in from central Indiana, reminding Papsett of the hoosier connection. :smiley:

We haven’t had any runs thru Indy for a while… will keep you in mind tho, thanks!

PapSett - Did the Iowa foster decide to keep Aimee? Or is she coming back East to Indiana?


No, Aimee is still up fpor adoption, and as much as I would love to bring her home, Roxane and I have talked about it, and it probably is not a good idea. Aimee is good with male dogs but not with females, and is definitely alpha. She said Aimee will not hesitate to pick a fight. So… she would not fit in with my 3 girls. :frowning: Here’s hoping she gets a wonderful, loving home.

I can see why that third photo is a favorite of yours - what expressive eyes!

Isn’t that a great shot? You can see the devils dancing in her eyes! :slight_smile:

To all you animal transporters:

Bless you for what you do!

an animal caretaker

Thank you Jasper! :slight_smile:

This Sunday I am doing my first transport monitor for Above & Beyond. Kinda excited about it! I’ll be the person all the drivers will be checking in with, and posting on the computer to keep things running smoothly. Excited and a little bit nervous… A lot of people and dogs will be depending on me!

Wish me luck!

Awesome, PapSett!!! I wish I had known you when I was more active in animal welfare! Can’t do much these days.

Thanks for all y’all do!


Thanks Bill… I am kicking myself for not having gotten involved in this sooner. So much wasted time in my life… but trying to make up for it and do some good now! :heart:

Glad it’s one of my bestest Doper buds catchin’ the torch for the four-footers!

You rock, babygirl. :slight_smile:

(As do all of you, of course. Sometimes I just feel the need to be a little “selective”. :wink: