What happens if one drinks sour milk?

Being alergic to milk (too much and my throat will close up) I am unable to perform this experiment and report back to you all.:wink:

But, what would happen if one were to drink sour milk? Other than puking during the attempt. Would it cause any long term illness?

It’s called yogurt or kvass.

I’m with you: Puke-making! :yuk:

I don’t know about drinking it, but some of the best biscuit doughs I’ve made were with milk that’s naturally gone sour. Heck, you have to sour milk to make cheese, too. My guess would be that if the milk just had gone sour, then there’s relatively little risk in drinking it; At least I haven’t fallen ill from doing so. And if you do cook with it, then you should be fine. But there is a point where bacterial contamination can cause problems. Where that line is, I don’t know, and I suppose it has to do with your digestive system. I’ve read that peoples in Africa and other warm climates have different milk-processing enzymes, since those cultures rarely use fresh milk (because of the heat.)