What happens if you send an egift card to a dead email address?

Let’s say you want to send an electronic gift card (Amazon, Fandango, whatever) to a friend. You go to the appropriate website, put in the person’s email address, provide your credit card information, and CLICK, gift sent. But unbeknownst to you, the friend has recently changed email addresses and hasn’t gotten around to notifying you. The original address you provided at the ecard vendor website is dead and anything sent to that address bounces.

What happens? Does the ecard seller notify you that the gift didn’t go through? Or do they just keep your money and consider it a win? Anyone have any experiences to report?

Amazon, for one, allows you to resend a gift card if the giftee didn’t receive it. From their website:

I assume other companies have similar policies.

Thanks for finding this! I noted that the “resend” scenario Amazon describes assumes that you already know the ecard never arrived, presumably by checking with the recipient. I’m still wondering, though, if Amazon (or any other seller of egift cards) actually notifies you if the original ecard email bounced.

The link says, “If you do not see a Resend it link, the gift card was most likely redeemed by the recipient.” So if you’re not sure, check this. I think they assume you’re in contact with the recipient.