What Happens to Old Search Engines?

Remember internet search engines like “ALTA VISTA”, “Ask Jeeves”, etc.? In this age of GOOGLE, why does anybody need other search engines? I gues once advertisers stop reimbusing a SE for hits, it is dead. Anyway, do any other search engines survive?

AltaVista is still around, and Ask Jeeves was simply renamed Ask.com.


Lots of search engines survive and thrive in “age of Google.” [Why all caps? It’s not an initialsim.]

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Old Search Engines Never Die… They Just Stop Crawling
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I do a lot of searching on the web and I get different results from Google and Alta Vista. So sometimes I find what I need on Alta Vista. Google ranking can be bad if you’re looking for an obscure document. I use both because they’re the only ones that search .pdf documents.

AltaVista was bought by Yahoo (along with Overture, Inktomi, and some other company I can’t recall right now). If you do a search on AltaVista and hover your mouse over one of the returned links, you’ll see that it’s going through yahoo.com. I suspect AltaVista results are the same as Yahoo results now.

That’s what happens to old search engines: they get bought and their technologies assimilated.

And sometimes they just shut down.

Alta Vista used to have a fantastic boolean search engine. When they got bought out, that kind of went by the wayside.

AllTheWeb.com still has a boolean search field, but it’s just not the same.