What happens to the losers shirts?

What happens when two teams play for the World Championship and you know that both sides print up tshirts declaring their team being the champ in anticipation of the BIG EVENT. Now Team One wins and the pre-printed t-shirts are all snatch up at the event and the stores until another fresh run can be printed. What happens to Team Two’s “we are the winners” pre-printed t-shirts?

I remember hearing that they get “destroyed.” Althoguh the manner in which they do it is unkown to me.

They should make it a ritual open to the public. They should have had a mass destruction of “Atlanta Braves: 1996 World Series Champions” T-Shirts in the South Bronx. Although a bon-fire type thing would have been a bad idea…

My wife works for the print shop that delivered stationery for the 1996 US Inaugural Committee. They produced two full sets of stuff (letterhead, envelopes, notepads), one whose logo had a little “Clinton/Gore” and the other “Dole/Kemp”. The day after the election (once it was obvoius who won), the losers’ set was destroyed.

I wonder if copies of the losers’ stuff would be worth anything…

“I wonder if copies of the losers’ stuff would be worth anything…”

Hell yes. Next time, ask her to cop some.
Collectors will buy anything, as long as it’s rare. Don’t quite understand the appeal myself, but “To each his own” as they say.

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When the manufacturers get an official license from a professional sports organization, they have to agree that they will only sell commemorative souvenirs that accurately reflect real events. However, because they want to sell these souvenirs as quickly as possible after the event, many manufacturers will produce two sets with differing outcomes and then sell whichever one happens. The false ones are then generally destroyed. But in some cases, the manufacturers will donate items like shirts to various charities for distribution overseas. In a few cases, these shirts somehow end up back in the US. As mangeorge wrote, these souvenirs are rare and very valuable.

I’m thinking of the Far Side panel showing the battle at the Alamo in the background, and in the foreground, a guy with a table full of mugs and t-shirts that say “I kicked Santa Ana’s butt at the Alamo”…which he has had to mark down three times.

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Yeah, and how embarassing would it be for the players on the losing team to go around wearing stuff that says they won?