What Happens When You 'Delete' a Tweet?

I just sent ABC news a tweet criticizing something they said. Then I realized I made a grammatical error. So I deleted it and tweeted it again.

Now I am not entirely stupid when it comes to computers and modern technology. But I am not sure.

What happens when you delete and tweet it again? Do they get both tweets or just the first one? Okay, if they don’t read the first one I’m OK. It is pretty late at night. But what if they do? Will they know it’s a mistake and I deleted it?

Please answer this question soon. I really need to know now:).


I’ve had people send me tweets they’ve then deleted, and if I’ve caught the tweet before they deleted it I can see it, but can’t reply. If I try to go back to it later, it’s gone, kind of like ‘read-once’.
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Yeah, if you open it before it gets deleted, it doesn’t suddenly disappear from your screen, but if you try to reply you get a message saying “Cannot reply to deleted tweet”, or similar (I can’t remember the exact wording). Then if you refresh your timeline, the tweet is gone.

Twitter won’t aggressively delete tweets (meaning: it won’t reach out to every device that might currently be displaying the tweet and remove it from the screen), but it won’t let the people who are looking at it reply or retweet it. Next time their list of tweets is refreshed for whatever reason the tweet will disappear.

Keep in mind, deleted tweets might already be in (for example) the Google search index, which means that tweet content might still be find-able for a long time after deletion. (If you’re just fixing a typo, no sweat.)

Here’s Twitter’s help page: https://help.twitter.com/en/using-twitter/delete-tweets