What have they done to Dr. House this season?

I love “House,” and I used to love Dr. House in spite of all his thorns and general un-lovableness, but this season, they’ve done something to him, and I can’t quite put my finger on it and I don’t like it. They seem to have made him far more accessible, likeable, and just generally a better person. He used to have virtually no redeeming characteristics at all, and I loved that about him. Now, he’s just eccentric. In my opinion, anyway. Am I just imagining this?

(I’ll keep watching the show because Hugh Laurie is the god of my world, but I liked him better when I didn’t like him at all.)

I think he’s just having fun running the Survival thing. Now that the game is over, he’ll probably start getting grumpier again.

Plus, to be really nasty, he has to know people well enough for it. His jabs are just shots in the dark still, so they aren’t as cutting.

Maybe that’s it. It does seem as though they’re drawing his character differently this year. The old House wouldn’t have made deeply cutting remarks about people he hardly knew, either, but that would have been because he didn’t care in the slightest about them, not because he didn’t know them well enough.