What have you done for Sapo lately?

I am not always the best when it comes to thanking people for the help they have given me here or letting them know how things turned out with the advice I received. So here is a quick update on several threads I have started.

The recipe for pomegranate chicken I got when I asked for duck recipes is just amazing. I eventually got a hold of some pomegranates (I didn’t want supermarket ones) and made to great acclaim from my audience (me, wife, 2 kids)
The roasted chickpeas were interesting. Will I make them every week? No. Will I ever make them again? Most certainly yes.

As for my search for healthy savory snacks, I just tried my first batch of pickled vegetables. Red bell peppers, jalapenos, pearl onions, tomatoes, baby carrots and mushrooms, all roasted and pickled in tarragon vinegar. Yumm.
I am scheduled for a transmission oil and filter change next thursday.
The boy is just loving Lego! He got several kits for Christmas and I noticed he enjoys cars the best. So I went pick-a-brick and ordered all sizes of wheels and the parts needed.
I got my copy of “Life Without Us” by Alan Weissman. It pushed it to the top of my reading queue and should be getting to it in time for the long wait at the garage while the transmission oil change. Paging through it looks very interesting.
I still haven’t sent the present to Australia. Oops.
We booked for Disney. We are getting two separate rooms. Supposedly one for us four and one for my mom and my BIL, but we hope to dump the kids on them at some point. The price will be divided with us paying the amount we would pay if we went alone, and my mom and BIL splitting the other room.
I still haven’t identified the story about the immortals who are reduced to diamonds due to damage.
There are others, but I am pretty sure I have followed up on those.
Thanks to all who have responded to my questions.