What horror game was this? Weird giant Spider-head?

I only saw a quick clip of it way back when and I’ve never been able to track it down. It featured a huge human head scuttling around on spider-legs. It was done in a weird faded Fatal Frame kind of head and the head was Asian, if I remember.

If it included a human torso, it could be a dryder–essentially a cursed Drow elf, from AD&D, and also used in the MMORG Everquest, possibly under a different name.

John Carpenter’s The thing? Some images here. Not Asian, though.

Not all the images there are from that movie, but maybe one of them is your scene.

You gotta be fucking kidding.

No, it was a huge head, like car-sized.

Maybe the Spider Demon from Doom?

No, it was a zombie-head. Sigh maybe it was a bad nacho-dream.
Lots of good responses here, though.

Arachne from Shadow Hearts 2 ?

(though other enemies from these games would qualify based on the description. The *SH *series has the most wonderfully fucked up monster design(er))