What if Cats and Dogs had Opposable Thumbs Day

According to this week’s Boston Phoenix, today is National What If Cats And Dogs Had Opposable Thumbs Day. According to websites I’ve looked at, tomorrow is:

God help us all, more than one person has bought into this.

I hate to contemplate the possibility. especially with our cats. Midnight knows how to open doors and where they go. This is one of the reasons I have cats instead of monkeys.

If our cats had opposable thumbs I would like to think that they would stop lazing around all day and do a bit of vacuuming, clean out their own litter box and try and get their hair rolled off the furniture.

Meet Gatsby. He’s polydactyl - each paw has four toes on the front and two branching off to form a thumb. He will reach out and grab things out of my hand. He likes to play with toy mice and I’ve seen him holding one in his mouth and one in his paw as he walked on three paws.

Now if I could just teach him to load the dishwasher. :slight_smile:

What are you people talking about? If cats had opposable thumbs, they’d be able to open their own cat food cans, and we’d all be expendable.

…and here was I, thinking that the clever bit about tinned cat food wasn’t openeng the cans, but getting in there in the first place.

My cats are so lazy that they would just lie around with their opposable thumbs up their asses.

OMFG, run for the hills!!!
if that ever happens, our feline overlords will TAKE OVER THE EARTH!!!


They’d have to compete with the dolphins for rule of the Earth. I think the cats would be happy to cede the oceans to the cetaceans as long as they could come to some kind of trade agreement regarding fish stocks, but the canines would definitely have to go.