What if: Disney and Viacom merge.

With all the companies Disney has bought lately, it got me to thinking. Say, hypothetically, that Disney and Viacom merged. What would be the results?

Viacom would be assimilated; resistance would be futile.

One company would own the rights to both Star Wars and Star Trek and they could make a Star Wars vs Star trek film. I’m actually a fan of both; but just the thought of that film makes me want vomit.

^ Pass the barf bag, mon ami!

I’m pretty sure that the FCC would have something to say about it, since Disney owns ABC & Viacom owns CBS. It likely wouldn’t be approved unless one company sold off it’s broadcast operations first.

Does Viacom still own CBS?

No, the old Viacom was split into two separate companies in 2005; the CBS Corporation, which owns the broadcasting network, and the new version of Viacom. But National Amusements owns the majority of the shares of both CBS and Viacom.