What If...? (Disney+ Series) [Open Spoilers After First Post]

I want to see what the Infinity War would look like in the Hostess Fruit Pie universe.

Thanos trades the Infinity Gauntlet for yummy hostess fruit pies…as he’s wrapped up in spider-webs and carted off, he chows down…“Totally worth it”

I found the final scene to be unearned. Killmongers plan was so good…the ‘good guys’ didnt earn that last scene.

note there’s going to be a very huge game based on that occult origin story coming out soon… i just read a 10-page story on it … look up marvel’s “midnight suns”

I was expecting that. Killmonger was hyper-competent, but the whole “Jarvis’ memory was wiped” bit didn’t fly. Jarvis is in control of an international network and even space-based assets - you don’t insert a floppy and delete slash c:\ on an advanced AI.

I have to agree. The whole episode shows Killmongers meticulous planning, establishing his cunning and cleverness, and then in the end we get Shuri ex machina, whose genius here comes just in the form of essentially a magic trick.

But that just undercuts the narrative of the episode, then. If that was in fact his blunder, then he wasn’t hypercompetent, he was an idiot—the genius of his plan otherwise, improbable as it was, just doesn’t mesh with forgetting to wipe Jarvis’ off-site backup.

The episode was inverted. Instead of the good guys slogging through, beating the bad guys time and again, only to have a final bad guy doom them in the throw-away last moments, we had the bad guy doing well until the final good guys set to reverse it all.

It works for me. Easily the best episode since the first one. I spent the episode trying to figure who was going to do the reversal. I was expecting Shang-Chi based on the early Ten Rings mention, but Shuri and Pepper works too.

Overall I’m enjoying the show, but it is kind of weird that it is only what-ifs of things we’ve seen in mcu canon. Well, maybe not weird. Disappointing? I am not a comic reader but I would enjoy a wider scope in S2 and further.

Me too.

But I think like the first two episodes they are playing it safe. They are only doing topics and characters from the MCU in assumption that people are only familiar with those. And that is how they will make the most money.

Like you I do hope they feel a little braver and branch out of the MCU in season 2. Or at least take topics and characters from the MCU and widen those out of the MCU.

“What if…there were Mutants?” or “What if…there were Cosmic Rays?”

Isn’t that kind of required for a counterfactual? I mean, “What If… Slorxborg didn’t phlammose the hretchlings?” doesn’t do much if we don’t know who Slorxborg is, what hretchlings are, and what happened when she did phlammose them.

I strongly disagree. There’s nothing more tedious that a bad guy who is so infinitely competent that they have always covered every possible contingency, and everything the heroes do is always exactly part of the bad guys plan, yada yada yada. Killmonger is opposing a bunch of people who we know to be extremely competent resourceful heroes/avengers. He has beaten a lot of them. But he’s not the only genius in this universe. He’s not the only one with agency.

Also, it’s not like Shuri and Pepper have won now. They just learned something he didn’t want them to know. What are they going to do with that information?

And the Shuri problem fits the plot organically. Killmonger understands the US military and how it works (he’s been part of it). He understands Tony’s systems (same reason), and he knows Klaw - but he has only old memories of what his father told him about Wakandan capabilities. So he underestimates Shuri.

In the movie, he consistently devalues women in general. It makes that he’d have blindspots around both Shuri & Pepper.

They mentioned the 10 Rings because all the way back in the real Iron Man they also mention working for the 10 Rings but we don’t know if that was the real one or the “fake” one.

I don’t know. I think if there was “What if Tony recruited Squirrel Girl instead of Spider-man” it’d be easy to follow for people like me. I mean if they dug deep into the X-Men bench I’d be confused and lost but they could get a little weird and new and I could probably follow ok.

Don’t we? The fake one was fronted by Ben Kingsley’s Mandarin to cover-up explosions in the US. That’s all it did.

I got the impression the faux Mandarin was more infamous than that and had existed for some time.

You haven’t seen Shang-Chi and the Legend of the 10 Rings yet, I’m guessing… the Mandarin in Iron Man 3 built their fake narrative using an actual group that had existed for some time, but the Kingsley character and fake attacks were a short-lived cover.

I have and completely understand that. My point is that until that movie revealed there is a real 10 Rings group, the only 10 Rings group in the MCU was the offhand mention in the first Iron Man and the reveal in Iron Man 3 that the Mandarin and 10 Rings were a fake group created by AIM. So we don’t know if the 10 Rings mentioned in Iron Man were the fake Group (given the head of AIM had a grudge against Stark I could see him having no issue killing him using that resource) or the real one we now know exists.