What If...? (Disney+ Series) [Open Spoilers After First Post]

What I don’t get is WHY he’s in Wakanda. None of the Stones are there. Why land in a place with a huge dome (admittedly the Gauntlet could break it, but still)….The whole episode felt a little sloppy.

Possibly he landed in some other place on Earth, got zombified, and then went to one of the few remaining places with unzombified humans.

Makes sense. And Thanos is one of the few entities in the universe who could have pentrated Wakanda’s defenses.

I’m also intrigued by what he’s gonna do with the Gauntlet. Will he make more flesh to eat? What is the “What If” here? Most of the others were small-ish changes with big ripples.

Janet brought back a Zombie disease from the Quantum Realm.

Isn’t that a standard zombie movie trope? The final survivors make their way to what they believe is a sanctuary, to find the zombies got there first.

He’s gonna snap his fingers, and half the population on every planet in the universe turns into zombies, which will then eat the other half.

Incidentally, the zombie that punches it’s way through the Wasp’s visor? Pretty sure that was supposed to be Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead and the Marvel Zombies comic book.

Which amusingly Peter should know not to do.

I assume in the comics, healing factors cant do shit all against the Zombie Virus

Also in the original Zombie books Quicksilver was infected early on, which meant it spread very quickly.

I just binged all five of these and enjoyed them to varying degrees. I think episodes 2 and 5 were the weakest for me, with 5 being a little more enjoyable. In 2 it was lovely to hear Chadwick Boseman again, but the plot was eh.

Looking forward to the next one.

I got the impression the clip of Zombie Thanos was a flash forward and not supposed to be what they saw when they arrived but I could be wrong. I think this one was too jokey. Ant Man was getting annoying like C3P0 in the prequels. They are struggling to live and Peter makes a “Yo what up dudes video” as “orientation”. C’mon. If they don’t take it a little seriously why should I?

Well the episode started near the beginning of infinity war, so Thanos showing up is pretty inminent.

look - you can’t sell the ‘limited edition zombie thanos collectible figurine’, if you don’t show him on screen.


I agree with this.

I did laugh out loud when he yelled “Wingardium Leviosa!” as he and the cloak flew out of Vision’s compound.

It really takes a lot to pull me out of an ep…but yeah, that did it. Maybe somehow lead with Paul in A Jar…and i can be more onboard with the tone.

So did I. That was some quality television right there.

I am waiting for “What If Aunt May had Gotten Bitten By The Radioactive Spider?”. The World needs The Amazing Spider-Ma’am!

I want What If she were the Herald of Galactus, Golden Oldie!