What if? Disney Villains had kids...

The link shows a story about a very weird, yet oddly brilliant, upcoming tv movie from Disney. Apparently, they had the bright idea to suggest having the kids of all the great villains going to school together. It’s silly, possibly even stupid, yet oddly amusing. Announced characters include Jafar’s son, Cruella DeVille’ boy, and the daughters of Malificent and whomever the villain from Snow White is. They’re also going to the same school as the famous heroes from the respective movies, which at least offers some pretty blatant conflicts. These bad seeds promise to be rather colorful, at any rate.

I don’t quite know how to feel about this one, but it at least promises to be interesting in concept. I suppose its indicative of how Disney is really trying to ross-the-streams on its creative endeavors, and mix up various stories and ideas. Obviously, everything comes down to how well people use the materials, but I don’t think anyone can claim it isn’t a weirdly entertaining idea.

Also, I really, really want to know who on Earth was desperate enough to make “time” with Cruella DeVille. I mean, was this a coin-toss against suicide and the poor bastard lost?

(The What-If is just me making a joke about how Disney could now have a Dr. Doom/Darth Vader vs. Mickey Mouse/Kermit the Frog if they wanted. *What If *is a long-running Marvel alt-story series.)

The son of Dopey the dwarf as a main character? That’s either stupid or brilliant or maybe brilliant stupidity.

Not sure I can buy a good guy named Chad.

Sounds like an idea somebody had when they found their kids playing with Monster High dolls (most of which are children of famous movie monsters).

Back in the '80’s every cartoon character and his cousin seemed to have a kid. I always thought that this was the last desperate gasp by writers to try and salvage a moribund series.
Still I haven’t seen a Disney cartoon series I didn’t like so maybe it’ll be alright.

It’s not going to be a cartoon but live-action.

Coming soon: Captain Hook has a son, who discovers that he’s expected to grow up, so flees his cradle and runs off to NeverLand to become Peter Pan. [/sarcasm]

Sounds intolerable to watch. The “kid version” of characters has already been done to death, and live action will just make it worse.

Plus, I want to punch all those kids in the picture.

It sounds a bit like Once Upon A Time, which got boring real fast.

That does sound a bit familiar…

I hope they have a plot where one of the bad kids likes one of the good kids and tries to change to gains the acceptance of their object of affection but then their peers exert pressure and talk about how the bad kid is selling out for some goody-goody and the bad kid needs to make decisions.

Seriously though, I’m not 13 so I guess it won’t be written for me anyway. Agreed about the photo but I guess “Villain kids” means a lot of leather and scowling.

This general concept has been done to death, usually poorly. It’s not Disney trying something new, it’s Disney trying to squeeze a little more mileage out of their IP without coming up with anything new. Making it live-action probably kills any chance of salvaging anything from the wreckage.

It would probably be funnier (not watchably funny, but funnier) if the kids were all rebellious and the hero/villain roles swapped between generations.

Well, aside from another Disney IP singer-actress.

I accept your point, and amend my comment to “…kills any chance of salvaging anything of worth from the wreckage.”

They could do a mashup, copying Glee as well as the innumerable [X] Kids/Babies shows, and make the whole series a bunch of role-reversed musicals. Cruella’s son singing something saccharine about animal rights seems suitably cringe-inducing.

When? I come up with shows that are each similar in some respects, but none that capture the whole package. The closest I can think of is the Monster schools that featured in Scooby Doo and Halloween Town III. And maybe Sky High, which had the villains and good guys together.

The one thing that is turning me off is that the kids look horrible. The girls’ hair looks worse than SNL wigs. And since when did Disney Characters have anime hair colors? And the costumes are just rags. What in the world?

That’s what makes me think the show will suck. If they can’t even spend the time to get the look right, what chances are that they will actually do something creative with the idea?

Look like teenaged versions of Disney villains? Not in any way shape or form.

They’re not teenaged versions of the villains, they’re teenaged children of the villains. So they get to wear “rebel” clothes and mope around and make remarks about how their mom wanted them to oppress an orphanage on the same night their favorite band was in town. Or try to feed their cheerleading team rivals poison apples or somesuch.

Supposedly Netflix is going to make a series based on the Ever After High toy and web series. I’m not familiar with this, but the Wikipedia description says that the “storyline is based on the lives of the teenage children of famous fairytale characters who are supposedly destined to follow in their parents’ footsteps in order keep their stories alive throughout the generations.” That sounds a bit like what Disney is planning here.