What If...? (Disney+ Series) [Open Spoilers After First Post]

As a game VFX artist, Kirby Krackle has always been sort of a white whale for me. It’s really hard to do right, since everyone knows what it looks like in a still shot, but nobody really knows what it looks like in motion.

However, now I know, so I’ll be working on my own version of it.

I didn’t particularly care for this episode.

I get that in this timeline Christine’s death was a “constant point in time” (Doctor Who apparently has the Trademark on “fixed point in time”). But it just doesn’t feel right that the entire story hinged on a unchangeable constant that was itself different from the “main” timeline. And it wasn’t just a single changepoint. There was apparently a significant changepoint well before the events of the episode, where Christine and Stephen fell deeply in love.

The Episode isn’t, “What If…Christine Died in the Car Accident?”, it’s, “What If…Stephen Strange And Christine Palmer Fell In Love (Way Before The Events Of His Movie), And Then Christine Died, And Her Death Were a Constant Point In Time, And Dr. Strange Tried To Change It?”

Me during the episode: It’d be interesting if the villain won in one of these…

Me at the end of the episode: Oh no I take it back oh no oh no oh no

Me during the episode : The universe really, really wants her dead.

(this was before the ‘constant point’ conversation)

Yeah, that was my reaction about the time of the mugging.

Rachel McAdams was also in The Time Traveller’s Wife and About Time. So she gets this kind of thing a lot.

I keep thinking the better end to this episode would have been -

After finally gaining enough power to prevent Christine’s death that evening, the next day Dr. Strange wakes up to a note on his pillow - “its not you - its me - goodbye”.

Something I read elsewhere that was interesting-in this one, Strange doesn’t have the constant physical reminder of his hubris and loss (his hands) as he did in the Sacred Timeline. Made quite a difference. And I was happy to see Rachel McAdams get more to do.

Slightly disappointed to not see a Mordo cameo-What If Mordo became the SS would be fun.

And aside of nothing the little gnome reminded me sadly of Trollhunters. RIP Anton Yelchin.

I wonder if that means in “our” MCU Strange would have never been able to avoid hurting his hands? Like if he avoided the car accident somehow then a cinder block would have fallen on them or something.

Side note: I would really prefer this show be a straight up Anthology. I think a sequel story or two is fine but creating a multiverse Avengers in the final episode wouldn’t be what I want to see personally. It would make the Multiverse feel smaller somehow.

So this week’s new episode was utter nonsense.

I thought it was fun. Calling out the tropes as they happened. The dad jokes. Everything I’d hope for in a zombie movie.

Well, it was called “What If…Zombies?” and it delivered exactly what was on the tin. Big :+1: was the writers throwing in the Ant-Man/Thanos meme.

At least they resisted the urge to have Okoye make any Michonne references.

Really dumb but fun. I think the Captain Carter episode might have deceived us into thinking this show would be about serious explorations of characters and possibilities in the MCU, but other than that one and the Dr Strange episode, they’ll all been massively goofy (and fun).

There’s room for both, of course.

One thing that I didn’t catch was that Bucky said “I guess this is the end of the line” to zombie Captain America in the subway scene. That is something that they’ve said to each other during the Captain America movies.

Opinions obviously differ, but I’m not sure I’d describe Ant-Man murdering all the potential Avengers as massively goofy and fun.

How the hell are you gonna cure people who are obviously rotting corpses? There was holes and meat falling of them.

The Infinity Gauntlet probably could, but failing that…

And I wonder if this was a “Well, might as well get it out of the way” episode.


I try and take them a little seriously. Thanos is as invulnerable as Hulk, and when he got to earth he would have had four stones…he picked up the time stone out of the street i guess. So nopw even if he gets bit, hes got the reality stone and the time stone.

Meh…how bout showing and not wellllll…basically telling.

edit: Oh i didnt get that THanos was IN Wakanda with the Gauntlet…I thought he was just in NY or something.