What If...? (Disney+ Series) [Open Spoilers After First Post]

I liked it too. I did start to feel like there was a little too much of “here’s that movie scene you liked, but different,” so I hope the upcoming episodes are a little more out there. But the story and animation were good, so I’m happy to keep watching regardless.

That was fun! Only one complaint: I’m not sure whose voice I was hearing in my head while reading the Watcher the last 40+ years, but it wasn’t Jeffery Wright’s.

He wasn’t bad. Uatu give him a chance :).

I’ll see myself out…

I see what you did there.

And so does the Watcher.

The more I think about it, Thor emerging from the portal, turning on the Red Skull, joining our heroes, defeating him and the Avengers forms 70 years early in 1945 would have been a cool ending.

It wasn’t my favorite Marvel fare, but it was better than The Defenders. The animation was just so pretty to watch. And it’s nice to have something on In These Uncertain Times. Something to think about for the next week, something that while might be canon also at the same time does not matter or count. It’s a fun little walled off playground.

It was oddly bloodless. When Steve was shot I didn’t see a wound. And why didn’t Peggy scream when she was being transformed? Because it wasn’t as large a change as Steve’s?

Was the critter from the portal Shuma-Gorath? And it would have been hilarious if Hawkeye in this universe was Dex from Daredevil.

Any leaks on the subjects of future episodes? I’m rooting for this one:

The episode was pretty solidly PG-13. It’s an animated series on Disney+. The Powers That Be aren’t going to want disturbing content, like bloody gut wounds or a woman screaming as her body is transformed.

It was certainly at least an allusion to Shuma-Gorath. There have been rumors that ol’ SG is going to be the main villain of Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, and maybe even the Thanos-style Big Bad for the whole next Phase. So this might have been a teaser for that.

Or it was just a generically Lovecraftian tentacled horror from beyond the stars.

Possibly she didn’t want to give Col. Flynn an excuse to pull the plug (or maybe just the satisfaction) after hearing him object when she got into the chamber.

Even though the thread is Open Spoilers for episodes that have already aired, since this is about future episodes, I’ll spoiler it:

One upcoming episode I know for sure, since it was screened by critics who reviewed it, is: What If…a young T’Challa was taken by the Reavers instead of Peter Quill? It’s Chadwick Boseman’s final MCU role.

As to Aunt May as Spider-Man in particular, extensive cast lists have been released, and Marisa Tomei isn’t on them, nor is Aunt May listed as a character. Also, Spider-Man is still a Sony property for animated series, and Disney and Sony have been wrangling over the rights and his role in the MCU for years, and the deal has almost fallen apart a couple of times. It’s pretty unlikely anyone from the Spider-Man franchise is ever going to appear in a side project like this unless/until Disney and Marvel Studios get the full rights back.

There’s a trailer for the series that gives you some ideas of what’s coming.

@gdave if you go to 1:20 in that linked trailer, there’s a split second shot of Spider-Man.

Interesting. That surprises me. I wonder if he’s actually going to be a voiced character, or if he just appears in some sort of mass battle scene. He’s not on the cast/character list I’ve seen, but that’s not definitive, of course.

And in the spoilered bit of my post, I of course meant the Ravagers, not the Reavers, which is either a completely different group, or a completely different IP…

Or completely fucking awesome.

Yeah, that was my thought - you can run over Steve with a truck, but Peggy started out stronger than Steve. The animation was top-notch.

Sigh I genuinely didn’t think of that. If they’d allowed blood she’d have been covered in no time, anyway.

I loved it. Story, animation, everything. Captain Carter is my new animated crush. Hayley Atwell has been a crush for a while.

How many damn Spider-verses am I supposed to keep track of now?!!

At least 13

A literally infinite number.