What if everyone named Adrian, aged 13 3/4, died tomorrow?

I could very well be wrong (and yes, I remember the letter Adrian wrote to Hamish explaining some of the British-isms). I have the entire series. Some of them were mailed to me from a friend living in England. The ones I’ve ordered off Amazon were printed in either Canada or the UK.

And while we are on stupid threads that keep getiting started over and over…how about all those fucking electoral college threads…who knew the SDMB was full of so many butt hurt election losers who can’t be arsed to find one of a dozen or two OTHER CURRENT electoral college threads AND are too fucking simple minded to realize there are actually some sound reasons for the damn thing vs the first grader mentality of majority rules.

Unfortunately for the liberals, the State of Denial carries zero electoral votes…

I did not get the reference and had to look it up. Have never heard of Adrian Mole.

I’m disappointed that no one got my reference to the other thread with kids dying.

But I’ll get over it.

“What if everyone named Adrian, aged 13 3/4, died tomorrow?”

That would be fine.

I say “Yo” to everybody!