What if George Lucas dies before he makes Episode 3?

Lets face it. This dude is getting old. And hes fat. HE could drop dead at any time. Does he have the script locked up somewhere to be released for the SW geeks to have closure in their lives? I don’t know about you all, but the whole prequel thing is all just leading up to Eps 3 for me. I only ever really wanted to see Anakin turn into Darth V. Who cares about the start of the rebellion and all that.

What will happen?

I hear Berman & Braga are signed up to take over if anything happens.

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It’s cool. We’ll just use a CGI George Lucas instead.

Then the world will be spared more of his terrible movies.

Lucas is only 60. (‘only’. Heh.) And he could stand to go without a cheeseburger or two, but I doubt that he’s going to keel over and die prior to 2005.

Don’t get me wrong, it could happen, of course. He hasn’t written the script, though - he didn’t finish the Ep II script until sometime last year, IIRC. Of course, the cynic in me says he’s waiting to see what people hate about Ep II before he writes the script for Ep III.

Don’t worry, Steven “A.I.” Spielberg will finish it for him. And it will have a lot more Ewoks than if Lucas made it. And Anakin will be magically 10 years old again.

My god. Do you have any idea what it’d do to the fanboys/fangirls the world over if George Lucas were to die before Episode 3 was made? It wouldn’t be pretty, that’s for sure.

But hell, even if he got run over by a car tomorrow and was near death, the sheer collective will of them all would keep him alive. Talk about the Force!

Ep III would also be set during World War II, so Anakin is corrupted by the Hitler Youth.

And Spielberg would go back to all of the other Star Wars films and digitally replace all blasters and lightsabers with flashlights and walkie talkies. He would also create more CGI scenes of Jar Jar Binks, because George would have wanted it that way.

My inner cynic says he hasn’t finished the script for Episode I yet, yet alone II or III.

I’m more worried that John Williams will die before he can score it.

You can’t have a Star Wars film without him!


Give me a still picture of Anakin at the beginning, and a still picture of Darth at the end, and I’ll be happy, so long as there’s a Williams score in between. His music is the only part of the whole franchise that hasn’t gone over to the Dark Side.

Hey, no problem. He’s got it all planned out. The whole history was set ever since the release of “A New Hope” - Jar-Jar, midichlorians, Luke & Leia, Ewoks, and all.

Maybe he’ll appear as a translucent blue spirit advising someone else how to make the third movie.

In the event of Lucas’ death, Steven Spielberg serves out his term. It is for this reason that the two men are forbidden to travel together. It’s in the constitution.

Maybe George’s action figure will take over…

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Imaging George Lucas’ office … in the back corner is a glass booth w/ Spielberg standing in it – next to the booth is the “In an Emergency” sign & an axe…

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Don’t worry, the son that named Jar Jar Binks will take over!

As we saw with Empire, good things can come from letting another director craft the scenes while working under Lucas’s watchful eye and from his Master Plan[SUP]TM[/SUP].

But there’s no replacement for Williams. Other gifted composers, yes. But no one who can put together that great Star Wars score.

I’m listening to the soundtrack from Attack of the Clones as we speak. Williams is truly a god among men.

If Lucas kicks it, I say we get Timothy Zahn to do the script.

Maybe he’ll put in Mara Jade’s family!