What if the January 6 insurrection had been more successful?

I never argued that there were no ‘weapons’ there. They jyst weren’t the kind of weapons that can be used to take over a government. Real insurrectionists would have shown up with guns and a tactical plan for taking the Capitol, issuing demands, etc.

This was a bunch of angry hotheads egged on by a President with a big mouth and no sense, couplef with a handful of instigators who were there to smash stuff and sause mayhem.

Calling to hang Mike Pence and erecting gallows was merely a courtesy detail?
Beating police officers was just playing around?

…taking hostages…

Failure to plan and successfully execute a murder still leads to attempted murder charges and (usually) convictions.

In the best possible light, this was an attempted coup - despite it being badly planned and unlikely to ultimately succeed - through an act of insurrection.

And if they had overwhelmed the police to a great extent through more effective acts of violence, they’d have acquired weapons with which to cause further violence and harm. We know they tried based on the testimony of the cop who was dragged into the crowd and pleaded for his life.

Don’t forget about Lonnie Coffman and his pickup.

You have no way of knowing this.

Also the rest of your post is nonsense.

How many threads do we already have going on pretty much this same topic?

REFFITT, Guy Wesley

Obstruction of an Official Proceeding and Aiding and Abetting; Entering and Remaining in a Restricted Building or Grounds; Obstruction of Justice - Hindering Communication Through Physical Force or Threat of Physical Force

Superseding indictment issued 6/16 to add firearms charge.

Their plan (probably) was to stop the vote counting and create enough chaos to throw the election to the House of Representatives, where Trump would have won. You don’t need machine guns and tanks to do that. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t an insurrection.

So, you are guessing? And how does running amok in the Capitol cause this to happen exactly? Is this the underpants gnome version of an insurrection?

  1. Go over to the Capitol, break in, and run around.
  2. ???
  3. Trump is President again!

Actually, it came pretty close to working. If the electoral votes had not be certified that day, the election would have gone to the House. and yes, “Trump is President again!”

The trick is to do it without pissing off the House Republican delegations. Breaking into Congress and threatening their safety pissed the R’s off and it was no longer a safe bet that the House delegations would vote for Trump over Biden - plus, the R’s had a very narrow edge there to begin with, only 26-24, if I recall right.

True, but I’m sure they didn’t expect to lose Wyoming. Just like they were surprised more of the cops weren’t being helpful. They misjudged the level of support they would have, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t an attempt at insurrection. Viking hats and all.

That seems unlikely. It is far more likely that due to extraordinary circumstances, the vote would have been delayed and the attempt to overturn the elections would still have failed. Just because these people failed to come up with an effective plan doesn’t mean an insurrection did not happen. The justice system doesn’t often excuse stupidity or incompetence in the commission of a failed attempt of a crime.

The most recent of those happened the month before I was born, and I’m comfortably middle aged.

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Okay. We’ll let that go, for now.

But Antifa was definitely on your watch.

Clever use of non-parametric methods, whereby one crazed Democrat is equivalent to 400 (and counting) insurrectionists charged (and thousands more outside the capitol).

Later, in another thread…

The evidence shows that the ex-President knowingly and with aforethought raised a private army to attack the Legislative branch with the direct and express purpose of preventing their Constitutionally-defined duty from being exercised, with him doing this at the time and date on which the army would be most effective.

His incompetence is not under discussion here. As he was incompetent running the country, he was incompetent in leading an Insurrection. Which is irrelevant to your quotes above.

Sam. We literally had a 3,300+ post thread, started on November 9th, 2020, entitled “The American Coup” which detailed every step taken by Trump to raise and lead this Insurrection.

There was no doubt about his intentions, even early on - there are a couple of polls asking this very question in the thread.


As we saw the conservatives deny the reality of viruses to the tune of 500,000 excess deaths, such a catastrophic and grave sin I’m just gonna call it The American Genocide from now on…

… we now see conservatives deny the reality of literally watching Donald Trump raise a private army as to lead an Insurrection to overturn the Constitution of the United States of America.

“Riot” my ass. Only to those who wish to purposely lie to themselves about the true nature of their actions and beliefs.

Read the thread. It is documented. No doubt about the reality of the coup, not if “fighting ignorance” is your goal, much less “sharing a consensual reality based upon real-world evidence”.

Are you sure about that?