What if you find out your daughter is a prostitute

Yes, because women’s truest purpose is to provide sexual service, whereas men are worthy of more options. :rolleyes:

I think the implication was that he’d rather have a whore daughter than a gay son. Who knows! Maybe his response had layers.

In part it would depend on if we’re talking $10 for a blowjob or $1000 an hour class operation but I could live with it.

Parent of three daughters. This is not a possibility for my kids, but for the sake of the hypothetical, I think it would amount to some shade or other of unhappiness depending on circumstances. The degree of danger, legality, consent and motivation would all have to be taken into account. If they were doing it to support an addiction, for instance, I would primarily be concerned about the addiction and see the prostitution as a symptom of that.

I guess my concerns would be about health, happiness and autonomy, not morality. A worst case scenario, like a classic streetwalker being pimped out to support an addiction, is obviously not a healthy or happy situation for anyone (especially not for the pimp once I found his ass). The “best case” scenario I could conceive of, I guess, would be a situation where the daughter in question was operating in a legal bordello with full security, health regimens, safe practices, no coersion or exploitation, full consent and free will, etc. In that scenario (which would still never happen, but just to humor the OP), I could probably learn to live with it, though not ecstatically so. My wife would have a much tougher time with it.

I voted non parent, extremely unhappy because I assume you mean illegal prostitution. If she moved to Nevada and picked up at the Bunny Ranch, I’d be significantly less upset. Would I be happy? Na, but I wouldn’t be upset at all.

As a non-parent: Depends. If she were working as an “escort”, well it would be her choice. If she were turning tricks on the street to support a pimp and a drug habit, there would be an “intervention”, pronto.

Even in the silk sheet scenario, unless she were practicing her trade somewhere that prostitution is legal I’d be concerned for her safety and long term mental health, and disappointed in her choice. That assumes it was her choice. If she were somehow coerced then I’d be using** Skald’s **two-by-four-to-the-back-of-the-head method.

It being illegal add a layer of concern.

I think how I found out would affect my reaction as well. That would be true if my child enlisted, too.

You could be describing the same hooker, depending on how hard she’s willing to work…

I’d be alarmed. I read/heard somewhere (and I think it’s largely true), there are two kinds of women who go into prostitution – those who really really love sex (to the exclusion of being satisfied with a relationship), and those who are re-enacting patterns of past abuse.

I, personally, wouldn’t raise a child to see sex as a commodity to be bought and sold, so I’d probably be flipping my lid trying to figure out what it was that I missed when she was a kid, who hurt her, and when.

Twenty-year-old male, non-parent. Unhappy.

If my daughter went into prostitution, that would indicate to me that somewhere along the way I failed her. Not because I think sex work is inherently wrong, but because in our society it’s not a normal or healthy choice. It limits your options in the future and puts you at risk.

I used to scoff at the claims that sex workers usually had a background of abuse. I happily nodded my head and wanted to be open-minded and supportive of sex workers who insisted they were happy, healthy people choosing this of their own free will and were entirely safe.

Then I stopped listening to the activists and started reading and realized what a big, rosy damn lie they were painting.

From this article http://www.prostitutionresearch.com/ProsViolPosttrauStress.html

If my daughter became a prostitute, I failed as a father. There are better than even chances that someone sexually assaulted her as a child. Sure, she might be some high end call girl making $1000 a night and sipping champagne with (likely disease riddled) politicians, or she might be on the street getting raped and beaten and threatened with weapons. Even if she’s the high end call girl, she’s still at risk. Disease, assault, arrest or just having her face splashed around the tabloids after taking a particularly well-known client. It’s somewhat difficult to find a normal job after something like that, I’d wager.

I wouldn’t disown her. I wouldn’t fly into a rage. I wouldn’t feel that it was wrong for her to have a lot of sex of her choosing. But I would be unhappy and worried and want to know why she had chosen this path instead of a safer one.

Wow, I can’t believe nobody commented on this. Two people who are totally fine with their child being a prostitute because they think “it’s fun and an easy way to make money for now. . .” You’ve got to be kidding me.

A fact of life that is not going to go away is that there is one way a reasonably attractive young woman can always make money. That’s been true since Ur. So the question becomes how much money and at what personal cost? High-end prostitution is widely acknowledged as the dirty secret behind how many women afforded the expensive educations that made it possible for them to become professionals. I would never want a daughter of mine to have no other choice, but I could not fault her for choosing it as an option.

So? There is a place in the country where prostitution is legal. If my daughter were to go there for a fun and easy way to make money, that’s her choice. No harm, no foul. I also wouldn’t care if said hypothetical daughter wanted to be a stripper either. Don’t get me wrong, I think everyone would rather their kids use their intellect over their bodies, but as long as no harm is being done, who cares?

Calling it “fun and easy” just sounds flippant and naive. I can’t believe it’s either, no matter what the level.

Have you ever watched the HBO docu-series Cathouse? Or had any lengthy discussions with legal prostitutes in Nevada brothels?

I live in Melbourne where its legal and have had conversations as part of my job.

Talking with the ones who have left it vs the ones who are still in it can give you very different stories.


Non-parent, didn’t vote, don’t want to skew the poll results. Would my daughter be a high-class hooker? Would she be hot? And would I be able to afford her?

O, c’mon, someone had to shit on the thread. :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously (really), count me as “Non-parent who would be extremely unhappy.” I have no moral qualms over prostitution per se, but that’s a job for worse parents’ daughters, not my own daughter.

How can you you possibly skew the poll results when there’s an option specifically for you?

Depends. Is she happy? Is she making a good living? Does she have a Jewish boyfriend?

Doesn’t want to alter the beautiful poll as it stands now by voting and, thus, changing the ratio between answers. Very noble.