What in an otherwise decent TV series made it impossible for you to watch?

The actors are decent, the stories are good…but some concept built into the series makes it impossible to watch.
For me, it was the show “Unforgettable” about a police detective with a perfect memory.
I like Poppy Montgomery, I had no problem with the gimmick of her being able to remember everything…but it was the “everything” she was able to remember that bugged the shit out of me. She could walk through a room and remember months or years later who was in the room and describe everything that was in the room, from the color of the coats on the coat rack to the the notes strewn about someone’s desk and what each and every note said. I don’t know how your eyes work, but even if I had perfect memory I wouldn’t be able to tell you what a note that my eyes never focused on in the first place contained. When her character “remembered” she did a mental tour and examined everything close up. This made me abandon the show after the first episode.
What about y’all?

I’m experiencing this with The Strain. The second season is spending an inordinate amount of time focused the lead’s son. Not just with the kid in the scene, but outside the scene where so much time is spent talking/wallowing on the kid, among both the protagonists and antagonists. They have more interesting and pressing things to be concerned with, and the boy is cartoonishly angsty anyways.

The lovable oddball who in real life would never get past the first job interview but nevertheless makes a vital contribution to the team. I’m thinking here especially of Reg Barclay in TNG. The only way he’d ever be allowed on a Federation starship IRL is if he signed a written pledge not to touch anything and had an official escort.

Unless, of course, he simply fell through the cracks due to bureaucratic incompetence. This is how Hitler, an Austrian, was able to enlist in the Bavarian army at the start of World War I. :rolleyes:

It may not fit your premise, but I don’t like [i}That Seventies Show* because I can’t stand the character Kelso. When he’s off the screen, it’s pretty funny. When he’s on, I want to throw something through the TV.

Stay with it. The kid is one of two weak elements in the show (also the bisexual hacker). Apart from them it’s gold.

The ending has made it impossible for me to watch How I Met Your Mother in reruns. I’m so pissed about the ending that they can just fuck off.

“The Blacklist”
I could suspend my disbelief for the plot points but watching Megan Boone (try to) act scorched my corneas.

“The Ranch” on Netflix with Ashton Kutcher, Sam Elliott, and Debra Winger. Great show with a lot of dark humor and some drama, but the laugh track is really off-putting and un-needed. Does not make it impossible to watch necessarily, but is irritating.

Just can’t get into drug shows. I’m sure Breaking Bad is the best thing ever. And “Drug show” doesn’t do it justice but…I’ll never watch it.
And weirdly about Game of Thrones…I’d rewatch the last few seasons before I’d touch the first ones. It’s just such a depressing slog.

LOL…you think the Federation is a meritocracy?? That’s cute. Reg is descended from some oppressed group. You wouldn’t think it to look at him, but he is. At the Academy he didn’t even have to get grades. He took the test and just picked his own grade.

I watched Blindspot for a while. They brought in Patterson’s father one episode, and it was… Bill Nye the Science Guy. Not Bill Nye playing some fictional dude as her father, him playing her father as actually being Bill Nye the Science Guy. And none of the other characters knew he was her father before he walked in.

I turned the show off then and never watched it again. It was going down hill but that was the final straw for me.

I always suspected this! :dubious:

Excellent idea for a thread.

Can’t say I was the hugest Welcome Back, Kotter fan in the universe. Horshack’s laugh might have something to do with it.

I understand catalysts/antagonists are a boon for story conflict, but seriously - Dr. Smith?

I have never watched an episode of Seinfeld. Every time I have tried, those fake slap bass interstitials were like an ice pick to the eardrum. I’m confident they could fit in another minute of commercials per episode if they edited them out of the repeats. Maybe I’ll drop them a note.

I tried watching the German TV series “Dark” on Netflix, but it was so humourless that I was forced to give up.

I liked Welcome Back for the theme song but yeah…that universe looks like the sun never shines and its 365 days of smog and acid rain.

Some animated series lose me just due to their character designs. Bob’s Burgers for example.

I’m starting to get annoyed at shows who cast non-American actors but have them do an American accent which they just can’t do convincingly. It’s okay for them to be from another country! Just let them use their real accents so I can stop wincing!

That name is a dead giveaway! :stuck_out_tongue:

Or the converse: American actors doing foreign accents badly. Are there no British/German/French/Italian/Greek/Asian actors in Hollywood who could play such roles?