What innocent words instantly bring to mind The Simpsons for you?

When talking about the snow today, the people on the radio kept saying the ice made it “crusty” on top. I couldn’t hear that without thinking “Krusty the Clown.” (I even typed the initial “crusty” with a K).

Any other words that make you think of Springfield’s Favorite Family?

bacon–immediately prompts me to think “Mmmmm, bacon.”
doughnuts–ditto, except I think “doughnuts” instead of “bacon” :wink:


I feel like Kaspar Hauser when it comes to this stuff. I’ve never seen the Simpsons; if I did, it was only once and I was probably not paying attention.




“Marge, Bring out the celebration ham!”
“We only have the consolation ham, and the emergency ham.”
“Marge, they’re just hams.”

Vendetta. or Farfalle. Really not much of a quote for that one. Just Sideshow Bob’s kid in Italy seeing a butterfly, saying “farfalle” with an air of childlike wonder, and then “farfalle vendetta!,” brandishing a knife at the butterfly.

Inanimate. or Carbon.

“What saved your life upon reentry?”
“This inanimate carbon rod!”
“Oh, they were about to show pictures of the rod!”

When I was in a jewish wedding some weeks back, every time they said the word Rabbi I couldn’t hear it without mentally adding the name “Krustofsky” behind it.

Floor pie!


Trampoline. It comes up in everyday usage more than I’d have expected, and makes me instantly say “tram-ah-poline” under my breath.

Anytime someone suggests walking somewhere more than a block or two away, particularly if it’s uphill, I flash on Homer going “Walking? That wasn’t part of the deal!” and reaching for his suicide pill.

Anyone named Amanda. “I need Amanda Hugankiss!”

Doe or dough.
H: “D’oh!”
M: “A deer!”
L: “A female deer!”

Barney: “Look! Somebody spilled beer in the ashtray! glugglugglug”

It’s a sickness, really.

Homer: “Nuclear? , it’s pronounced Nucular”


Embiggens, beer, nuclear, Reverend… it’s kind of a long list.

“Is this a religious thing?”


In my best Krusty voice: Who the hell is Kaspar Hauser?

::Krusty voice:: Keep movin’, Simpson!