What Inventions Stand Out in Your Mind?

What inventions or innovations or changes stand out in your mind, as far as the funny ways people reacted?

I remember when they put in all the handcapped restroom stalls. There would be a line, but the handicapped stall would be vacant. People didn’t understand that you could use it.

Also, several people stayed away from microwave ovens because they thought they would catch radiation from them, lol! And remember those classes people would take to learn to cook with them? They’d try to bake in them.

I swear when cell phones came in (remember how huge they were?) my snotty neighbor would make a big point of walking up and down her driveway while calling people on it, just so everyone could see that she had one.

Also the garage door opener. Somebody I knew would drive around and try hers everywhere else, she just couldn’t get over the power trip of getting to make other people’s garage doors swing up and down, while she sat in her car laughing.

I myself have had my car get trapped in the garage several times when the garage door opener did not work. The last time was last week. It is not funny.

And… bottled water. I remember people thinking it was ludicrous, swearing they’d never pay for water. Now it seems everybody drinks it and nobody says anything.

Somebody bettah join my thread. :mad:

The following were around for a while before I got them, but were awesome to me when I did get them:

UHF on T.V. Cool! More than 12 channels! (Well, really more than 4)
F.M. converter for the car’s A.M. radio.
Under- dash 8-track tape player.
In-dash A.M/F.M. stereo/C.B. radio.

Wasn’t the VCR a big deal because movie studios thought no one would see movies in theaters again, and tv studios thought everyone would tape and gasp share tv shows?

I’m sure everyone ended up making plenty of money despite the VCR. And because of it.

Oops- missed the “funny way people reacted” clause.

I do remember audiophiles going on abut how digital CD records couldn’t possibly sound good since the digitization of the music caused discrete steps in the recording, while vinyl records had a more faithful copy of the original sound.

Clones. All that junk about they have no soul, what rights does a clone have, the jihad …

Funny stuff now.