What is a "community marketing agent"?

My girlfriend is graduating with some kind of marketing degree so she’s been job searching and she came across this listing for a “community marketing agent.” Does anyone know what exactly this job is about, minus all the HR fluff? What’s the real job title? The company is legitimate but she’s not sure if it’s the job is worth going for or what it encompasses (it almost sounds like selling timeshares).

It looks like it is selling timeshares, or vacation homes, at least.

Passing out leaflets at tourist spots, trying to convince people to attend a time share sales pitch.

Ok, that’s what I was weary of. Thanks for the info!

No, it’s sales. Take a look at the language:

“Handles rejection well with a positive and upbeat attitude” (Prepare to be told “NO!” a lot)

“Excellent commission plan” (Not salary)

“3 days onsite training - 4th day partnering with some of the best marketers in the Company. . . Mentoring program for first 6 weeks” (How much mentoring do you need to hand out leaflets?)

“… your key role will be to generate sales prospects from the local market from various prime marketing locations in and around the downtown area.”

Read “generate sales prospects” as “find people who are willing to talk with the actual sales crew.” – probably by passing leaflets in the street or at a booth/stand.

“Knowledge of downtown/surrounding areas preferred, but not required”

Read as “It would help if you can find the bus to the Alamo on your own, and maybe even move to some other site pretty quickly when the guy on the other side of town walks off the job.”

" Able to talk to all kinds of people"

Read as “You gotta talk to the cowboys and farmers and the yuppies and preppies and everybody; don’t judge them on appearance (unless they’re obviously homeless.) The more people you ask, the more sales you’ll make.”

There might be an opportunity to move into sales … don’t know about Texas, but here, time share sales requires a real estate license. I would guess the OPs girlfriend, being a college graduate, would be more suitable to join the management team, perhaps as a trainer, and not think about starting at such an absolute bottom level … if she is inclined to get involved with the time share crowd.

But yeah, the job is grabbing people cold at a tourist spot, sticking a pretty brochure into their hands, and trying to get them to go to a sales presentation, likely with the offer of a free weekend or a set of cheap knives or some such gift. I’ve been accosted by plenty of them in lots of tourist cities.