What is a good name for a female black cat with green eyes?

I have recently acquired (informally adopted, really) a small female black cat. It’s less than a year old and still vaguely kitten-like in some ways, but it is mostly an adult at this point.

Anyway, what are some good names? She isn’t really named yet, but ‘Noir’ seems to be a front-runner right now. Nothing too long, please, and nothing too cliché (‘Baal’ and ‘Witch’ and such are right out).


Mera for short?


Pictures! Pictures! >:[




Then you would always remember when you acquired her.

I once fostered a small black cat, and my children decided on “Trixie”. I don’t remember how or why for sure, but I think it had something to do with her playing “tricks” on them somehow.

Is there something about her personality that would inspire a name, rather than just coloring?


Yes, Esmeralda Underfoot, of the Havre Underfoots.

All cats should be surnamed Underfoot (mine is) for such as they are.

:slight_smile: Or better yet…


She’s somewhat talkative and likes climbing on things to look at us. She also bit my arm once when I was holding her.

I might go with Bastet, not only because Bastet was the Egyptian goddess of cats but because my little feline can be a little bastet.

zeeny: Naming pets after natural disasters that cause much pain and suffering isn’t exactly my style. Thanks anyway.

betenoir: Given the English definition of bête noir, I don’t really think that name is very apt. The literal translation from French (“black beast”) works, however.

tomndebb: Bah! None of my pets will be named after no-talent media whores.

csharpmajor: Pictures might be forthcoming, if I can set up a digital camera to work with my PC. And I don’t think Jack is very feminine. (A male black cat, if I ever get one, may well end up being Black Jack (Shellac|Chirac).)

Hung Mung: Any specific reason for that name?

Imasquare, Savannah, Anastasaeon: No, but thanks.

Well that was the half I was going for. And what I named my black beast (and it was the cat I named myself after…I don’t have that little self esteem :smiley: ).

Should I mention my other cat’s named Catherine Bastet? Seemed appropriately regal.

That’s my oldest cat’s “real” name. We called her Bast for short. My ultra-religious and paranoid of strange names mother asked me what it was short for, so I told her “Sebastian” and it stuck.
It comes in handy when she gets annoying though. “Come here, you little bastard.” :smiley:

A couple of suggestions: Totoro, from the anime by Miyazaki.

Kage is one of the Japanese words for shadow, and is pleasantly short.

A more descriptive name might be “Hisui no kage,” which I believe translates to “Shadow of Jade.”

Well i have 5 cats (hence the name) and I named one Green Eyes because I couldn’t think of anything good. The others are Mr. Bear, Shadow, Blackie, and Mickey.

I’ve had 3 cats and named them Get Off The Bed You Stupid Cat (Stupid for short-- sometimes Cat), Plunkette and Camry (the car he was found in the wheel well of).

Don’t think anybody’d want me naming their cats.

I don’t remember where I saw this name first, but what about Cleocatra? (Cleo for short.) It seems like it would fit her nicely.



Probably not to your liking , but I always wanted a black cat named Boo for some reason .