What is a must-see when visiting Cape Cod?

My husband and I are going to a wedding in the Cape Cod area (Falmouth, MA) at the end of June. We will have time to do some sightseeing in the area between when we arrive and the wedding. Is there something really cool that we should check out while we’re there? Is the ocean going to be warm enough by then for swimming? Our hotel is located near the beach. Know of any really good restaurants we should check out?

Any tips would be welcome.

30 years ago there was an incredible seafood restaurant on the waterfront in Hyannis or Hyannisport, called Baxters. Their fried scallops have left me wishing for another serving ever since.

Yes, the ocean will be warm enough. The bay won’t. Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth is excellent. Parking is expensive, about $20, and it tends to fill up, but it’s a marvelous beach.

The Silver Lounge is a geat restaurant. Be sure to spend some time in the gift shop.

Make sure you take the Bourne Bridge, not the Sagamore. Get off of 28 and onto 28A as soon as you can. You can’t miss these places.

There’s another great restaurant in Wood’s Hole, but I can’t remember the name. Take 28A all the way to the MV ferry then turn right. (Grab whatever parking spot you can, as they will be rare.) It’s about 4-5 blocks down, on the right. It’s named after a pirate. Long John Silver’s? No. Captain Hook’s? No. Let’s google…

Captain Kidd. If’n yar wants a romarrtic mess, and the weather is warrrrrm, get ye a table in the back, arrrrr. Great place.

ETA: If you get to Wood’s Hole and are tempted to go to the Landfall, avoid it. You’ll wait a long time and pay a lot of money for bad service. I really regret having gone there the last time.