What Is A 'Penis Popsicle'?

One of the guys I work with was telling me that ‘penis popsicles’ are very popular in certain circles.

Does this term refer to a sex act, or to something you would keep in your freezer? If it’s the latter, are they made from scratch or can they be purchased pre-formed?

I didn’t ask him the specifics because I didn’t want to appear ignorant.


I’m fairly certain that it is a euphamism for a blowjob…But I could be wrong…

WAG, since it was in the context of being done “in certain circles”: could this refer to ice dildos (that is, made in penis-shaped molds), to be used for sexual purposes in your orifice of choice? I’m reluctant to Google either “penis popsicle” or anything about ice dildos, which I’ll leave to you.

You live in Gobbler’s Knob and you can’t answer this yourself?!?

Heh-heh. I’m thinkin’ blowjob.

Now Surreal, just relax.

In a moment, you’ll feel a vague, gentle, yet insistent pressure in your aft regions.

Don’t be alarmed.

WAG: Blowjob performed with a mouthful of crushed ice. If so, it is :smiley:

I don’t want NO mouthful of crushed ice anywhere near my WAG.

not quite so ouch
Then again you know how gothic sex works right?

Ouch that hurt…do it again?

It really is! :smiley:

Uh, to receive, that is. I should be more specific :slight_smile:

So should I…receive, cannot speak for the giving bit? Can anyone?

I thought for a moment this might have been referring to the confection I read about a while back (can’t find the link now); it was essentially a cylindrical lolipop full of semi-liquid syrupy stuff that is sucked out through a hole in the top; it was (we’re told) marketed completely innocently (yeah, right, just like that vibrating broomstick thing…)

I don’t know. I braved the google search for such a thing, and surprisingly didn’t come up with much. A few hits came up for a piece of equipment, specifically a mold. http://www.pleasuregear.com/pa063.htm


Ehhh. . .Uhhhh. . .hmmm. . .o. . .k

Well…TMI WARNING Ms UnwrittenNocturne quite enjoys…shall we say…cold things. So I could buy that.

You’ve GOT to be kidding! She actually ENJOYS sticking ice in there??? Yikes. I mean, I know men & women are different, but I cannot imagine ice doing ANYTHING but killing any kind sensual feeling whatsoever. But whatever floats your boat I suppose.

I was thinking the same thing as mangetout.
The Fr-Ooze Pop, discussed in this thread.

Doesn’t Tori Amos have a song entitled “Icicle”? Perhaps she and Ms. UnwrittenNocturne know something we don’t.

Bobby Drake’s dick :smiley:

Or sinks your Titanic!